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The Externship Program will be highlighting an Externship Graduate Student Clinician each month to acknowledge their hard work and accomplishments as a future Speech- Language Pathologist. The March Graduate Student Highlight is:


Daniella Azose



Daniella is completing her first externship at The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) in New York City Daniella is committed and passionate about working with the hard of hearing population. She has dedicated herself to learning about aural rehabilitation and gold standard intervention methods through volunteering, observing, additional self-study and research. Daniella’s dedication was recognized by CHC senior speech pathologists and she is the first student to secure an externship at CHC in 4 years. Not only was Daniella acknowledged by CHC, but her peers recognized her passion as inspiring, always going the extra mile to educate and advocate for the hard of hearing population! A description of Daniella’s work at CHC:


“I have learned so many new treatment approaches and strategies to use with children with hearing loss. One very important strategy is "auditory first". It is where we present something to the child first auditorily, then visually to reinforce what they heard. It is important to first present it auditorily so they can really strengthen that skill of listening to something and understanding it without a visual. This goes hand in hand with covering our mouths when we speak to these children, so they do not learn to rely on speech reading, rather than hone the skill of listening. I have been learning so much about hearing technology and how to conduct a Ling Six Sound Check at the beginning of each session in order to ensure that the child has proper access to sound. I have created many materials involving a child listening to directions with 1, 2 or 3 critical elements, a skill that is crucial for children with hearing loss.”







To acknowledge the Externship Site Supervisors who have supported Lehman's Externship Program over the years and during the unprecedented pandemic while highlighting the many affiliations the SLHS Department has a monthly Externship and Site Supervisor Highlight will be awarded. Externship Students were sent a "check in" and asked to nominate a site and supervisor who has gone above and beyond to support the clinical training.



This month Diane Brown at New York Neurogenic is being highlighted. Diane is a certified Speech- Language Pathologist with over a decade of experience. She is also a Lehman College alumna! New York Neurogenic is an across the lifespan private practice that services preschool – adults who have speech sound disorders, dysphagia, cognitive- linguistic impairments, fluency disorders, and receptive and expressive language disorders just to name a few! Lehman has a long-standing relationship with NY Neuro, and we have had numerous students complete successful externships under Diane’s guidance. Diane has built an outstanding rapport with her clients and it’s evident through the interactions she has with each one of them. She has adapted quite easily to the tele-supervision model which has allowed externships to continue. Diane is approachable, supportive, and allows the student clinicians to try new therapy techniques and strategies with the clients in a supportive clinical environment.


*Please make note students are not permitted to contact externship sites or supervisors.