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For Students

Early in the graduate student curriculum, clinical education takes place at the Lehman College Speech and Hearing Center. Graduate students complete two supervised clinical and diagnostic practica under the supervision of full-time faculty and experienced Clinical Educators. All Clinical Educators in the Speech and Hearing Center hold the American Speech-Language Hearing Association's Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) or Audiology (CCC-A) and are licensed speech-language pathologists or audiologists in the state of New York. Current information regarding a supervisor's licensure status is available to the public at the Office of the Professions-NYS Education Department.

Our Student Clinicians engage with clients in two of the following Clinics to fulfill the requirements of Clinical Practica:

  • Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders Clinic
  • School-Aged Literacy or Bilingual Literacy
  • Across the Lifespan Clinic
  • Early Childhood Clinic in Academic Partnership with NYC DOH Early Intervention Program
  • Pre-School Clinic

Our Student Clinicians also engage with clients in two of the following diagnostics to fulfill the requirements of Diagnostic Practica:

  • Early Childhood Diagnostic or Bilingual Diagnostic Practicum in Academic Partnership with NYC DOH Early Intervention Program
  • Across the Lifespan Diagnostic or Bilingual Diagnostic Practicum

As partial fulfillment of the requirements in SPV 430: Clinical Methods and Supervised Observation, undergraduate majors and entering graduate students who have not yet completed this requirement are provided with guided supervised observations of speech-language therapy sessions conducted by graduate students in the Speech and Hearing Center. Through this experience, students obtain the 25 observation hours required prior to enrollment in graduate clinical practicum coursework.

The Speech and Hearing Center is located on two floors in the Speech and Theatre Building and provides spacious individual and group therapy rooms to accommodate embedded coaching with our families in the early childhood clinics as well as observation areas for family and student observers, in addition to two large conference rooms for seminar instruction. The entire Speech and Hearing Center is equipped with current technology, which permits video observation and recording of clinical sessions for student development. A wireless audio-visual system provides ongoing Clinical Educator- Student Clinician interaction. Additionally, the Speech and Hearing Center houses the Literacy and Technology Resource Center as well as the VIVE (Visual Instruction to Drive Expression) Studio for the preparation of resources and materials for intervention.

The Speech and Hearing Center maintains a library that includes textbooks and periodicals that supplement the campus library where students have access to print and electronic journals and databases such as Academic Search Premiere, ERIC, LLBA, and MEDLINE as well as a Children's Library of classical children's literature and books of rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, six Resource Centers consisting of a robust collection of standardized testing tools used in evaluations, evidence-based literacy interventions including Spell Links, Spire, and Lively Letters, a robust collections of games, therapeutic toys, books, puzzles, arts and crafts, sensory materials, and resources that engage children in physical activities.