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Speech Pathology & Audiology Major

The major in Speech Pathology & Audiology consists of 15 courses for a total of 47.5 credit hours.

The required courses are distributed as follows:

Required courses in Speech (SPV or SPV/LNG)

(10 courses of 3 credits each for a total of 30 credits)

  • SPV 247 (LNG 247) Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
  • SPV 245 (LNG 245) Articulatory Phonetics
  • SPV 246 (LNG 246) Introduction to Linguistics
  • SPV 228 Introduction to Audiology
  • SPV 321 Language Acquisition
  • SPV 327 Speech Pathology II – Organic Disorders
  • SPV 326 Speech Pathology I – Functional Disorders (SPV 321 prerequisite)
  • SPV 349 Speech and Hearing Sciences (PHY 140 prerequisite)
  • SPV 312 Bilingualism
  • SPV 430 Clinical Methods and Observation (SPV 326 and 327 prerequisites)

Note that the courses are listed in the order in which it is recommended that they be taken (not in the numerical course number order).

Requried courses in other departments

(5 courses for a total of 17.5 credits)

  • Social Science: PSY 166 General Psychology of SOC 166 Fundamentals of Sociology (3 cr)
  • Biological Science: BIO 183 Human Biology or BIO 166 Principles of Biology: Cells & Genes (4 cr)
  • Natural Science: PHY 140: The Physics of Sound (3.5 cr)
  • Statistics: MAT 132 Introduction to Statistics (4 cr)
  • Writing: ENW 307 (previously ENW 3070) Health and Science Writing (3 cr)

Prerequisites and Grade Restrictions

The 200-level SPV courses are open to all students.

Students must complete all 200-level SPV(LNG) courses in order to continue in the major and take any 300-level course.

Students must maintain a minimum average of 2.7 GPA (B-) in the first four 200-level SPV courses (SPV 245, SPV 246, SPV 247, SPV 228) in order to continue in the major and be allowed to take the other six required departmental courses.

In addition, the following prerequisites also apply:

  • SPV 321 is a prerequisite for SPV 326 and SPV 312
  • SPV 326 and 327 are prerequisites for SPV 430
  • PHYS 140 is a prerequisite for SPV 349

Minor in  Speech Pathology & Audiology

The minor consists of the four 200-level courses: SPV/LNG 247, SPV/LNG 245, SPV/LNG 246, SPV 228.

Students who do not earn a minimum average of 2.7 GPA (B-) in the first four 200-level SPV courses may use them as a minor in Speech Pathology & Audiology.

For questions about the major or minor in Speech Pathology & Audiology or to schedule an advisement meeting, please contact Professor Mary Boylan, Undergraduate Program Advisor, Speech Building Room 227, at

Zoom Advisement Sessions for Spring 2022

The Department's undergraduate advisor, Professor Mary Boylan, will be available during the days/times listed below. During those days/times, please click on the Zoom link below to be admitted to an advising session. You will be admitted to a waiting room.  It is possible the adviser will be with another student so please be patient. Be sure to have your EMPLID available.

Join Zoom meeting here - meeting ID: 871 9257 2483 Passcode: 122030

One Tap Mobile 1-929-205-6099,,87192572483#,,,,*122030# (New York)

You can also reach the undergraduate advisor for Speech Pathology and Audiology, Professor Mary Boylan, at