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Learning Goals & Objectives
Information Technology

Learning Goals & Objectives

Goal I
  Appreciate the nature of scientific knowledge and the methods by which it is acquired.


  Explaining scientific results to non-experts.

Goal II
  Understand the concepts underlying physics and astronomy.


  Stating and using appropriate concepts to solve problems in the areas of:

  • astronomy and cosmology
  • motion and energy, electricity, light, and the structure of matter
  • waves and sound
  • mechanics and thermodynamics
  • electricity, magnetism and optics
  • special relativity and atomic physics
  • electrodynamics
  • classical mechanics
  • statistical mechanics
  • quantum mechanics

Goal III
  Use analytical and quantitative reasoning to solve physics problems.


  Analyzing and solving quantitative physics problems.

Goal IV
  Work effectively in a hands-on laboratory environment.


  Using experimental apparatus to collect data.

Goal V
  Work in a group.


  Working as a team to analyze experimental data.

Goal VI
  Communicate results effectively.


  Preparing well-written lab reports in an appropriate format.