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Information Technology


Dmitry A. Garanin

Academic Interests: Fundamental Research, Teaching at different levels, Supporting Classical Music.

Research: Quantum statistical theory of magnetic phenomena, physics of many-body systems.

Current research: Collective spin-phonon relaxation with coherence effects in dynamically correlated dense paramagnets such as crystals of molecular magnets; Spin tunneling; Many-body dynamics of magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic elements.

Scientific achievements: u-v transformation and diagrammatic technique for spin operators in quantum magnetism; Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equation of motion for the magnetization at elevated temperatures; Crossovers in the Arrhenius prefactor in thermal activation of magnetic particles; Self-consistent Gaussian approximation for phase transitions; Anisotropic spherical model of magnetic phase transitions in different geometries; Perturbative calculation of spin-tunneling splittings; Density-matrix approach to resonance spin tunneling with thermal activation; Quantum-classical crossovers of first- and second order in spin escape out of metastable states; Many-body Landau-Zener transitions in molecular magnets; Relaxation of magnetic particles via internal spin waves; Microscopic theory of the Phonon Bottleneck.

Publications: Over 90 research articles in physics journals.

Funding: Professional Staff Congress - CUNY.

Synergistic activities: Referee for Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Europhysics Letters, European Physical Journal, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Editor and webmaster of classical-music web sites.

Sports: Hiking, biking, canoing, mountaineering; Recently swimming and inline skating.