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Department of Sociology at Lehman College

Sociology Advisors

If you have already consulted with one of the sociology advisors below, or have/had them as a professor and are more comfortable contacting them than someone you don’t know, you should email them about general sociology advice.

Otherwise, you should contact the professor assigned to you by the first letter or two of your last name. Please provide your EMPLID when you email. These student hours (formerly known as office hours) are for Sociology advisement about the major, discussions of course content (if you are a student in one of their courses) or other matters, such as career or graduate-school possibilities. Only professors with *** can help you with overtallies into closed courses.

Need sociology major or minor advisement this summer? Thinking about a sociology major?

Professor Alyssa Lyons will be advising during CDAD days. Advising for Sociology students will take place on designated common advising days (CDAD) during the summer months. Students should make an appointment on Navigate.

Please see the attached flyer for CDAD dates and times.

If you'd like to schedule an alternate day and time, you may contact her at

Fall 2023 Sociology Advising & Student Hours
(Full-Time Faculty)
Student’s Last Name Begins With Professor Email Student Hours
A Benefo Email emplid and unofficial transcript on Fridays between 3-4pm
B,CA Bonastia

Tuesdays 2-3 in B62 Carman. Please email me (include your EMPLID) if you would like to schedule an alternate day/time to meet in person or via Zoom.

CE-CU Conroy

Office hours: Tue 10 – 11 am (via Zoom and by appointment)
Zoom Meeting ID: 8147921 0950 Passcode: 011126

D,E ***Dumais Tuesdays 1-2 in B-64 Carman; other times available via Zoom - please email me with your emplid and availability
F,G,H ***Lyons

Wednesdays in-person from 12pm-1pm in 308 Carman Hall. Additional availability virtually on Zoom. Book an appointment on Navigate here.

I Fenton

Text me at 516-455-8244 or email me for an appt, f2f phone or zoom. At mutual convenience

J Fox-Williams

Thursdays from 3:00-4:00pm. First, schedule an appointment on Calendly here:

Then, meet me at your scheduled time on Zoom here:

K-L Laird Tuesdays 2:30 - 3:30 on Zoom or by appointment. Zoom link: Appointments also available through Navigate or by email (include EMPLID).
MA-ME Markens

Tuesdays 10:15am-10:45am in Carman B61; also available at other times for zoom appointment – please email me with your emplid and availability. You can also look for appointments in navigate.

MI-N Moran Tuesdays 3-4 p.m. on Zoom - make appt thru Navigate.
0-PH Nadeem Before and after class and by appointment on Zoom; please email with EMPLID to set up a meeting time.
PI-PR Sall Thursdays 2p-3p via Zoom. Email to make an appointment and please include your EMPLID. Zoom Link:
Q, RA-RI Spence

Wednesdays 1:35-2:05 in CA-B62 and via Zoom by appointment (email to schedule). Sociology Advising: via email (send emplid) or online Tuesdays 10-11am when you make an appointment through Navigate

RO-RY, SA-SI Waring

Sociology and Data Science Advising: Tuesday 4-6 Online. Make appt through Navigate or by appointment (send email) Class office hours: See syllabus or email for appt

SK-SY, T, U Wilder

Saturdays from 1-2: PM in CA-B61 or classroom. Email to make an appointment and please include your EMPLID.

V, W, X, Y, Z Yavuz

Email (if possible with your EMPL ID) to make an appointment to meet via zoom.

Fall 2023 Student Hours
(Adjunct Faculty)
You may meet with adjunct instructors during student hours (formerly known as office hours) for discussions of course content (if you are a student in one of their courses). Adjunct faculty do not do major advising.
Adjunct Email Student Hours
Jonathon Ament Email to make appointment
Wilma Borrelli

Monday and Wednesday directly after class ends via Zoom: Mon. & Wed. 8:40 pm - 9:40 pm

Daniel Boudon Wednesdays before class from 5pm-6pm on Zoom. Email for link or to make an appointment.
J. Elise Brown Fridays before and after class in Carman 220 - 1-2 and 4-5 p.m.
John Frank Wednesdays, 5:00 – 6:00pm, in Room B-59 (located in Carman Hall) or by appointment over Zoom. Email for an appointment.
Albert Garcia Mondays, 9:00AM - 10:00AM, in Room B-61 (Carmen Hall) or over Zoom. Email for an appointment.
Cassondra Kellam Email to make a phone or Zoom appointment.
Frank Mercogliano

Email to make appointment

Janet Michello Email to make appointment
Nathan Newman Tuesdays after class - 9:30-10:30pm or by appointment; email
Dale Patrias

Saturdays 2:00 - 3:00 in Carman B-63; or by appointment or on Zoom; email anytime,

Anna Da Silva By appointment on Zoom, email
Nara Roberta Silva Fridays, 2 pm to 3 pm via Zoom (link on BB course shell)
August G. Smith Email to make appointment
Insoo Sohn Email to make appointment

We are invested in the success of our new and continuing students who are majoring or minoring in Sociology. Below you will find contact information for Sociology advising. For more general advising, including help with LEH course selection, General Education requirements and reaching the required 120 credits for graduation, please contact an Academic Advisor. Note that Sociology advisors are not able to answer questions about financial aid, nor are they able to remove holds on enrollment, which typically are placed by the Bursar, the Registrar or Financial Aid. Please visit the virtual office hours page to contact the appropriate office.

Prior to meeting with an advisor, you may wish to:

Watch one of more of these videos on major requirements:

Major Overview - Watch the Video Below:

View the text version of the above video

The Sociology Major for Students Who Began Their College Careers at Lehman - Watch the Video Below:

View the text version of the above video

The Sociology Major for Students Who Transferred to Lehman - Watch the Video Below:

View the text version of the above video

  • If you declared your major prior to February 2015, your major requirements may differ from the current ones. A Sociology advisor will be able to ensure that you understand your major requirements, which are based on the date that you declared the major.
  • Download our major and minor checklists
  • View a listing of all Sociology courses in the course catalog
    * Please note that multiple sections of the 5 core courses are offered every semester, but some listed courses are offered only occasionally. Check the offerings for the upcoming semester in CUNYFirst

See Links Below for Other Helpful Resources: