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Department of Sociology at Lehman College

Transfer Student Information

Transfer Students

Welcome to the Sociology Department! Transfer students may begin the Sociology major any semester. If you are looking for a career in teaching at the K-12 or college level, counseling, social services, or data analysis, the Sociology major is an excellent option for you! As a Sociology major, you will develop numerous skills that employers seek, including the abilities to communicate effectively, think broadly and critically, and conduct effective research. Sociologists study a broad range of topics including the family, crime, politics, race, gender and sexuality, education, health, and the media.

Pre-Transfer Advising Tips

Here are some helpful tips so that you can be as prepared as possible when you transfer to Lehman:

  • We encourage students to complete one or two Sociology courses prior to transferring, but doing so is not required.
  • When considering possible majors, please keep in mind that some academic departments admit all students who wish to declare a major in their department, while others do not. Sociology accepts all students who wish to major in Sociology.
  • Visit the Virtual Transfer Center for some additional resources.

Next Steps

If you haven’t applied to Lehman College yet, please go the Admissions Office website for more information on transfer requirements and the application process.

Once you have been accepted you will receive detailed information from the Admissions Office regarding the next steps toward becoming enrolled at Lehman. Please note that this process does take some time, so apply to transfer as early as possible! You can schedule a departmental advising session after your transfer credit evaluation (TCE) is complete and you have completed the onboarding process. It is extremely important to contact an advisor in your major (and minor, if you declare one), in addition to speaking with an academic advisor, who will help to ensure that you complete all of Lehman College’s general education requirements.

We hope to see you on campus or online soon!