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Career Services Center (CSC)


In today’s job market, an internship is a vital component of your college experience. No matter what industry you are planning to enter upon graduation, potential employers seek out candidates who possess real world experience obtained through the participation in hands on internship experiences. These opportunities serve to supplement the theoretical learning gained from your studies here at Lehman College while reinforcing/instilling the skills needed to be successful in your chosen field.

Internships take place in an actual workplace setting and are learning experiences for you and a training opportunity for the employer. The benefits of participating in an internship will last a lifetime.

Benefits of an Internship

  • Having the opportunity to explore and evaluate career options allowing you to decide on a career path
  • Gaining practical work experience and professional skills which increase marketability
  • Serves as a strong resume builder
  • Gaining an understanding of the world of work through direct experience to gain a competitive edge
  • Earning academic credit for participation
  • Network with professionals developing contacts for future job offers