Lehman Community Connect: Bronx Information Portal

Welcome to Lehman Community Connect

Bronx Information Portal, the new, experimental Lehman College community website.

Lehman Community Connect provides a map-based platform to easily find, view and interact with publicly available data and Lehman College information.


The goal of Lehman Community Connect is to enable students, faculty, researchers and the public to participate in the community by facilitating inquiry, exploration, and the development of creative applications. We hope that this new site fosters a “digital public square” for collaborative discovery that enriches both classroom experiences and service initiatives.

Teaching, research and service are hallmarks of the City University of New York (CUNY) and Lehman College has a proud and historic commitment to engagement and community service. Lehman Community Connect reflects that commitment and presents some of the many Lehman activities, internships, fieldwork and Service Learning programs in the community. Please see Achieving the Vision, Lehman’s strategic plan for 2010–2020 for more information.

As part of CUNY’s "Decade of the Sciences," Lehman’s new environmentally sustainable science and research facility was dedicated in October 2012. The building is designed to serve as a gateway to science education for the region and spur a new generation of scientists and researchers. Lehman Community Connect is designed to be a virtual resource to support a sprit of inquiry and enhance the vitality of our community. 

Using Lehman Community Connect: Bronx Information Portal

Lehman Community Connect is designed to make relevant data about the Bronx accessible in one location. This site brings together information about health, population, education, urban sustainability, and other Bronx-related data from New York’s Open Data site.  To ensure the site remains dynamic, as source data on the New York open data site is updated, the information on Lehman Community Connect will be refreshed on the next day.  Some source data, from the 311 Call Center for example, is updated daily; other data may be updated monthly or annually.

While Lehman Community Connect presents certain data as maps and charts, we invite you to dig deeper and conduct your own research by exploring the data sets behind the maps and charts.  Here, you can examine data in a different way and explore relationships between data sets.  You can:

  • View data by category (health, population, education, etc.) or sort to view data sets or maps only. 
  • Easily share data via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Download or export the data, visualize data in different ways, or embed the data into your own web site.  

Here are some useful video guides for conducting your own research.

We welcome feedback on how you are using Lehman Community Connect and any new features you would like to see. Please email us with comments or share your story on our blog. Please click here to read the Terms of Use.


We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following people who so graciously gave their time to support the creation of Lehman Community Connect: Bronx Information Portal. Special thanks to Lehman College President Ricardo Fernández and Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Anny Morrobel-Sosa.

Lehman College Core Team:

  • Stefan Becker, Acting Dean, School of Natural and Social Sciences
  • Ronald Bergmann, Vice President for Technology/Chief Information Officer
  • John Dono, Manager, Academic and Campus Support Services
  • Venu Gopal, Manager, Networks, Servers and Advanced Systems
  • Joseph Medved, Manager, Database and Applications
  • David Stevens, Manager of Web Services
  • Elkin Urrea, Web Applications Analyst

Lehman College Category Leads:

  • My Neighborhood: Deirdre Pettipiece, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
  • Education – Harriet Fayne, Dean, School of Education, Sandra Lerner, Deputy to the President, High School and Education Initiatives
  • Environment & Sustainability: Stefan Becker, Acting Dean, School of Natural and Social Sciences]
  • Health: Andrew Maroko, Assistant Professor, Earth, Environmental & Geospatial Sciences, Department of Health Sciences]
  • Population: William Bosworth, Director, Bronx Data Center, John Dono, Manager, Academic and Campus Support Services
  • Lehman in the Community – John Dono, Manager, Academic and Campus Support Services

Contributing Lehman College Faculty, Staff and Administrators:

  • Nelly Califano, Administrative Assistant, Information Technology Resources
  • Vincent Clark, Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Mario DellaPina, Vice President, Institutional Advancement
  • Maria DeLaTorre, Office Assistant, Information Technology Resources
  • Amanda Dubois, Director of Community Engagement and New Student Programs
  • Catherine Alicia Georges, Chair/Professor, Department of Nursing
  • Marzi Jafari, Dean, Continuing and Professional Studies
  • José Magdaleno, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Norma Phillips, Chair/Professor, Department of Social Work
  • Joseph Rachlin, Professor Biological Sciences
  • Sunny Virk, Purchasing Director
  • Paulette Zalduondo-Henriquez, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

City University of New York - Central Office:

  • Brian Cohen, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology and University CIO
  • Jane Davis, Senior Counsel
  • James Haggard, Deputy Chief Information Officer
  • Ronald Spalter, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Intercultural Development Research Association

  • Laurie Posner, Senior Education Associate

The City of New York

  • Andrew Nicklin, Director of Research & Development, DoITT

Cisco Systems, Inc.

  • Relina Bulchandani
  • J.D. Stanley

Socrata, Inc.

  • Cam Caldwell
  • Lilia Gutnick
  • Clare Zimmerman