Lehman Community Connect: Bronx Information Portal

API Information

Lehman Community Connect is a map-based information portal that focuses on the Bronx. Developed by Lehman College/CUNY with Socrata, the portal uses open data to foster a "digital public square." Our goal is to facilitate collaborative discovery and engage students, faculty, researchers and the public to enrich teaching, learning and community service initiatives.


The Socrata Open Data API (SODA) allows software developers to access data hosted in Socrata sites such as Lehman Community Connect: Bronx Information Portal. In this platform, every dataset is automatically provided with a simple API (i.e. API endpoint), ensuring access to every dataset.

API Endpoints

To start accessing a dataset, users need to know its API access endpoint. The API access endpoint for a given dataset can be found by clicking the 'Export > API' link located above the mapped data. Please see the sample map located at: https://bronx.lehman.cuny.edu/Lehman-Community-Involvement/Lehman-Community-Placements/ny8c-8wsw

API Access Endpoint

In general, the endpoint for every dataset is by default hosted under /resources. Datasets are addressable by that dataset's unique identifier, which users can locate at the end of any dataset URL.

For example, the Bronx Public School locations set on bronx.lehman.cuny.edu has a unique identifier of x8ng-5mzz, so its API endpoint is http://bronx.lehman.cuny.edu/resource/x8ng-5mzz.json. For more information and examples on how to use the SODA API, visit the Developer Documentation.

Available Data Formats

The SODA API supports a number of different formats, including JSON, XML, CSV, and RDF. To change the output format of a request, simply change the extension you use on the resource. The JSON format is the most commonly used format for API responses, as it is the most compact and efficient format provided by Socrata.

For additional information, or for direct support, email us at: community.connect@lehman.cuny.edu