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Department of Computer Science at Lehman College


Major Advising for Undergraduate Students

Adviser: Emira Shano

To submit an advising request, please complete a request on the form here

Advising Hours:

Until further notice undergraduate, Advising, Credit Evaluation, and Course Permissions will be handled online only via the form linked above.

By using the online form these processes are sped up a great deal. Additionally, it saves you a trip to the advisor and a wait in a long line at a time that may not be convenient for you.

Even with the use of this form, the process is not fast. Although it might be faster at times, it can easily be two or three business-day before your request is handled because there are well over 1000 of you and one person working on this 12 hours a week spread out over Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. If your request has not been addressed by the fourth business-day after submission, you can send me an email to find out where it stands. Please not sooner than that.

Requests are handled in the order in which they are submitted, however, you should note that if you submit a request more than once that the new request replaces the original so that you actually move further back in line by submitting a request multiple times.


  • There is NO advising via telephone

Advising for Graduate Students

Mingxian Zhong - Assistant Professor
Office Location: Gillet Hall, Room 200B
Phone Number: 718-960-7261