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Counseling Center Lehman College

Groups and Workshops

The Counseling Center is proud to offer groups and academic success workshops.

Spring 2020 Groups


Lehman Counseling Center


In group, students meet together with a counselor to address personal issues and concerns. Students learn to support each other through personal discussion and interaction. They give each other feedback and assist each other by sharing personal experience. Most of the learning in support groups occurs by what students share. The role of the group facilitator is to assist in the discussion by creating a safe and supportive environment, providing feedback, and facilitating interaction. Support groups are 60 minutes per session and meet once a week usually from 8 to 10 weeks. Support groups require that the facilitator meet with the students prior to its beginning. Once the group members are chosen, some support groups will not accept new members, other groups are open and accept new members weekly.


Past Groups

Here are a sample of groups done in the past. Let us know if you are interested in this group and it can be offered in the future.

Empowered Voices

Empowered VoicesThis group will provide a supportive environment for diverse women to explore some of the assets, challenges and complexities related to their identities and experiences at Lehman and beyond. This group will discuss: academics, vocational choices, racism, sexism, family roles and expectations, standards of beauty, sexuality, stress management and healthy relationships.


Coming Out Of Your Shell

Coming Out Of Your ShellDo you avoid meeting new people? Do you avoid talking in class or dread the professor asking you a question? Do you fear doing something embarrassing in fron of others? Often students find it difficult to make new friends, participate in group activities or ask someone out on a date. In this group you will learn methods that will help you calm your mind, make friends, and increase your confidence in social situations.


Feeling Some Kind of Way?

Feeling Some Kind of Way?Is life weighing you down? Feeling blah? Meh? Lazy? Learn how depression can affect your life at school, with friends and at home. Start feeling like you again. This group is a drop-in depression group.

Dare to Dream (art therapy)

Dare to Dream (art therapy)This group series is designed to use art to help you discover the road map to your future. Often art can be a gateway to undiscovered or unconscious beliefs and desires. Unlock the secret to your success by creating a Vision Board and use it to discover your priorities and the pathway to success. This workshop will be offered three times on Wednesdays see this flyer for dates.

Keeping Your Cool

Keeping Your CoolDo you get upset or angry quickly? Do your friends always tell you to “slow your roll?” Do you feel like no one understands you? Do you think that everything would be great if only others would act as you want them to? Learn how to see yourself with clarity and compassion as you grow and change; shedding the skin of your former, no longer useful self. In this group you will learn four types of unique skills: mindfulness (how to be in the present non-judgmentally), interpersonal effectiveness (how to communicate with others), emotion regulation (understanding how you feel) and distress tolerance (coping with stress).These skills will help you reduce behaviors that get in the way of both your relationships and your own emotional health.


Power of Me

Power of MeDo you wake up dreading the start of your day? Do you feel like you haven’t accomplished much? Do you want to improve your self-esteem and learn skills and strategies to deal with poor self esteem?If so, then this is the group for you. Here you will learn and discuss ways to improve your self-esteem by discovering effective tips and strategies to enhance how you view yourself.

Smile More

Smile MoreCollege students often feel sad or down due to their stress level. Some say that they haven’t felt like themselves since starting college. Many realize it has been a long time since they’ve seen themselves truly smile. If this sounds like your experience, this group is the one for you. Learn the reasons for your mood change and gain the skills to reconnect with yourself. Learn how to smile again by re-engaging in the activities that brought you joy.

LGBTQ Empowerment

LGBTQ EmpowermentThis group will focus on the journey of being LGBTQ in college, as well as focusing on integrating an LGBTQ identity with other areas of life, such as work and family. In this group we will provide a safe place where we can ask questions, build confidence and deal with being true to yourself. Group is interactive and will explore issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity, specifically coming out, transitioning, questioning, connecting with family and friends, and creating relationship as you learn to accept yourself as well as others.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy RelationshipsAre your social relationships not satisfying? Do you feel pulled in many directions by your family? Are you having difficulty negotiating your role as Wife? Husband? Child? Parent? and Student? You are not alone. Many college students feel overwhelmed at times balancing the needs of their family, romantic relationships, friends and academic pursuits. This group will help you understand the roles you play in your family and other relationships. You will learn how to negotiate your roles so that your needs can be met. We will discuss how culture and gender effect the expectations others have for you. You will learn how to communicate with family, partners and friends more effectively.

Relax and Renew (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)

Relax and Renew (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction)When we experience stress, discomfort, or pain—physical or emotional—our ways of thinking about it often make the situation worse: “This is just my luck!” “I’ll never succeed.” “I can’t believe he would do this to me!” Mindfulness means being present with what is actually happening in the moment, while letting go of our biased interpretations or judgments. The results? A new outlook and experience of life! MBSR has been clinically shown to help reduce stress and cope with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and anger. Among its many benefits are an increased ability to relax, greater energy and enthusiasm for life, and improved self-esteem. You can attend all sessions of Relax and Renew (MBSR) or drop in on one for a taste of mindfulness practices. We recommend that you attend all Releax and Renew workshops to help counteract or prevent depression and anxiety.

Success Without Excess

Success Without ExcessMany college students experiment with drugs and alcohol. What can start as “social drinking” may lead to dependence or risky behavior (binge drinking, unwanted sex partners, and problems with family/friends). Learn to spot the warning signs of addiction and whether you can control your substance use. This group will help you be successful in school without using drugs/alcohol to excess.

Lehman College is tobacco free . If you are a smoker or other tobacco user, you may want to use this time as an opportunity to quit. Tobacco is a highly addictive drug and attempts at sobriety from tobacco can lead to relapse. If you would like support in your efforts to quit, or want to know how or when to start your tobacco free lifestyle, we can help you achieve Success without Excess.

Meditation Groups

Meditation MondaysCome sit, relax and de-stress every Monday and Friday at 12:00 pm



YogaYoga is a taught secular practice to promote health and reduce stress. Yoga is a commonly known generic term for the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in Ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace. No prior experience or special attire necessary. Every Wednesday afternoon from 5-6pm.


Stress Less

Stress LessSchool, romantic partner or family obligations getting you stressed? Feel torn in a million directions? Learn how stand up, de-stress and let go. This group is a drop-in group



Other Groups:

Real Talk Men and WomenReal Talk Men and Women

What? Me Worry?!?

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Depression


Success Workshops

Academic Success Workshops

Good study skills are a necessary component of academic success at Lehman College. We are offering four different workshops to help a student navigate through some of the pitfalls that can impede their success. These workshops provide students with an opportunity to develop the skills needed to improve their study and test taking skills, improve motivation and reduce their anxiety related to academic stress. We will offer a series of workshops on Time and Stress Management,Procrastination and the Myth of Perfection,and Managing the World As It Is.