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Lehman College


CUNY Mexican Studies Institute 2nd Annual Conference: “Mexico-NY: Thirty Years of Migration”

A conference held on May 10, 2013 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Click here to view photos of the conference.



Organized by the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies

Artwork by Felipe Galindo/Feggo


Hosted at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

524 W 59th St., New York, NY 10019


9:15am - 10:30am -Panel 1: Migration: Historical and Modern Trends, Robert Smith, CUNY Graduate Center and Baruch College, Discussant




Laird Bergad, “Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the New York Metropolitan Region: Demographic and Socioeconomic Transformations, 1990 -2010”, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College


Leticia Calderón Chelius, “30 años de estudiar la migración: Los nuevos imaginarios pensado desde México”, Instituto de Investigaciones José María Luís Mora, Mexico


Sergio Cortés Sánchez, “Emigrados poblanos al exterior. 2005-2012”, BUAP


Julie Leininger Pycior, “"Precursors: Mexicans in New York before 1970", Manhattan College


10:30am -11:00am – Keynote Address: Federico Besserer, UAM - Iztapalapa, “Transnational Studies and the Political Economy of Affect”

11:00am - 11:15am - Coffee Break

11:15am -12:30pm - Panel 2: Family and Community, Gloria Marroni, BUAP, Discussant




Steven Alvarez, “Brokering the Immigrant Bargain”, University of Kentucky


Joanna Dreby, “The Indirect Consequences of Deportations for Mexican Children in New Destination Communities”, SUNY Albany


Ernesto Castañeda, “Mexicans and New Yorkers: Membership in Two Social Fields”, University of Texas at El Paso


Jaime García Leyva, “De la Victoria a Nueva York. La migración de una comunidad Na savi. Identidad organización social y desafíos”, Universidad Autonoma de Guerrero


12:30pm - 1:15pm - Lunch

1:15pm - 2:30pm - Panel 3: Work and Organizations, Jorge David Cortés Moreno, BUAP, Discussant









Misael González Ramírez,” Las organizaciones de poblanos como catalizadores en el desarrollo del capital social en la comunidad migrante poblana enNuevaYork”, BUAP


Yesenia Ruiz, “From Poor Campesinos to Rich Entrepreneurs: Mexican Migrant Elites”, CUNY Graduate Center


Adriana Sletza Ortega Ramírez and Luis Miguel Morales Gámez, “Entre estructuras políticas locales y transnacionales, retos de la implementación del Programa 3x1 para migrantes en Puebla”, BUAP


Karen Velasquez, "Transitioning into the U.S. Workforce: Labor Experiences and Working Knowledge of Mexican Immigrants in NYC", Teachers College, Columbia University



2:30pm - 3:45pm - Panel 4: NYC Metropolitan Experiences, David Badillo, Lehman College, CUNY, Discussant

Edward Hernandez, “Undocumented Mexican Immigrants in a Suburban New York Community: A Unique Experience, a Unique Challenge, and Unique Implications”, Medgar Evers College, CUNY


Rocio Magaña, “The Border on Their Shoulders: Border-Crossing and the Mexican Migrant Experience in New Jersey”, Rutgers University


Carlos Piñeyro Nelson, “Movimiento por Justicia del Barrio: Mexican Immigrants’ Resisting Gentrification in East Harlem”, New School


Stephen Ruszczyk, “Shades of Gray: Disentangling Citizenship from Legality, and What It Means for Undocumented Youth in New York”, CUNY Graduate Center


Guillermo Yrizar Barbosa, “Fragmentation and Social Conditions of Mexican Clusters in New York City: A Spatial Overview of Destination and Origin Communities”, CUNY Graduate Center


3:45pm - 4pm - Coffee Break

4pm - 5pm - Arts Roundtable, Oswaldo Zavala, CUNY Graduate Center and College of Staten Island, Presider


Felipe Galindo, “Manhatitlan”, NYC based artist


A group of mothers from La Union, an immigrant advocacy organization in Brooklyn. The exhibit celebrates "The Role of Migrant Women in their Children's Education," with photos by photographer David Bacon.


5pm -5:30pm - CUNY-IME Scholarship Awards ceremony

5:45pm - Film, Elvira


Full Bios of Conference Presenters


The CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies opened a call for proposals for our annual conference in January.

Description The CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies will host a one-day conference on May 10, 2013, “Mexico-NY: Thirty Years of Migration.” This conference will be a major gathering of scholars from Mexico and the United States to disseminate research on three decades of migration between Mexico and New York. The proceedings will be simultaneously available on the web and then will be archived and available on the Institute of Mexican Studies website. Additionally, an edited volume of selected papers will be prepared and published to further disseminate the results of the conference.

The conference will build on the accomplishments of the 2012-2013 yearlong Mexico-NY interactive web based seminar, or Virtual Seminar Series the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies is coordinating between Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) and the City University of New York (CUNY).

Objectives Our primary goal is to promote a dialogue on research related to diverse aspects of transnational migration between Mexico and New York by creating a forum where US and Mexican academics can engage with one another. Mexican migration to New York originated more than three decades ago and this conference will be a landmark event, reflecting on the growth of a community, its contributions to New York, and challenges that persist. While scholars in Mexico and the US have studied this population, to date there has been no academic conference that has deliberately sought to draw together the pioneering and emerging scholars who have worked specifically on Mexico-NY migration in a binational dialogue.

The Need for Dialogue on Migration between Mexico and New York and information on the Institute of Mexican Studies

To more fully understand migration issues between Mexico and New York, a transnational perspective needs to be employed since communities are changing on both sides of the border.

Mexicans constitute the fastest growing national sub-group in New York City, due to high rates of immigration and high births. If these rates remain the same, the Mexican population will surpass that of other Latino groups in New York City by the year 2024.The number of Mexicans living in New York City has grown 57.7% in the last decade. The Mexican population in New York City is 319, 126 according to U.S. Census data for the most recent year available, 2010. However, due to undercounting, the population is much greater.

The newly created CUNY-wide Institute of Mexican Studies at Lehman College (launched Spring 2012) serves to bridge scholarly networks in Mexico and the United States who share related research agendas.

Dissemination of Results

Video and audio of the conference proceedings will be broadcast live via web and then be archived on the CUNY Institute for Mexican Studies website.

Additionally, a volume of selected papers from the conference will be published.

Conference Organizers

  • Alyshia Gálvez, Ph.D. Director of the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies
  • Leslie A. Martino-Velez Associate Director, CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies

With conference planning team: Isabel Martínez, David Badillo, Jesús Pérez, Lisandro Pérez. With support from Lehman College, John Jay College, and Senior Vice Chancellor for University Relations, Jay Hershenson.

Past Conferences

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