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The CUNY Mexican Studies Institute, housed at Lehman College, is comprised of faculty, students, staff, and affiliated community-based organizations working on research, advocacy, and services related to Mexico and Mexicans in the United States. All CUNY faculty, pursuing this kind of work and research can request affiliation by emailing a formal request to Consider joining our Advisory Board or creating a working group dedicated to a specific topic or theme, call (347) 577-4080 or email us at to join our mailing list and tell us your ideas.

Juan J. DelaCruz José Higuera López Stephany Andrea Cadena Cornejo
Juan J. DelaCruz
José Higuera López
Deputy Director
Stephany Andrea Cadena Administrative Coordinator
José Higuera López/ Brenda Flores Luis Rebolledo
Pablo Jimenez Meza
Educational Opportunities Initiative Coordinator
Brenda Flores
Administrative Assistant
Robert Utzinger
Digital Research Fellow
Anabelle Mescain Luis Rebolledo Luis Rebolledo
Anabelle Mescain Batista
College Assistant - Archives & Library
Jesus Diego Cabrera Rivera
Educational Opportunities Initiative Assistant
Luis Rebolledo
Video Editor - Oral History Project

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CUNY Mexican Studies Institute

The Mexican Studies Institute at The City University of New York

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