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FILNYC FILNYC is one of the biggest initiatives of the CUNY MSI. Its mission is to make the Spanish language visible in the United States through literature and culture. Since its first edition, in 2019, the vision has been to become the convergence space between the Hispanic community and Spanish speakers, with a diverse, inclusive, and multiracial program that represents all of us, the more than 62 million Spanish speakers.
Educational opportunites The Educational Opportunities Initiative provides free one-on-one online and in-person consultation to residents of New York to connect them with the educational services around NYC and NYS, closing the gap between them. The EOI is using every tool to inform the community by providing workshops. Every client is served comprehensively to ensure the fulfillment of their educational needs.
CUNY MSI CUNY MSI continues enhancing a support structure intended to engage in meaningful actions to promote long-term impact on student retention, completion, and overall success in college. This comprehensive approach includes 1) Internship Opportunities; 2) Mentorship Program; 3) Professional Development Workshops & Leadership Training; 4) the Creation of the Students Club: Mexican Studies Society In addition to this, The Mexican Studies Scholarship Fund program aims to award highly motivated students. Winners of the scholarship work closely with the Mexican Studies Institute staff and community-based organizations for the betterment of the Mexican and/or immigrant community.
CUNY MSI CUNY MSI has taken the necessary steps to collect, organize, and preserve bibliographical sources that document the Mexican experience in New York and store and digitize historical documentation of the Mexican diaspora before it is no longer available. The Oral History Project is dedicated to documenting the experience, challenges, and contributions of the Mexican-American community in New York City through the Oral History Project. The show is produced by BronxNet and is broadcasted on channels Optimum and Verizon Fios in the Bronx. Additionally, it is available online at BronxNet and on its YouTube channel.
  The number of indigenous language speakers has been growing in New York City. We work to preserve the languages through our courses in Mixteco and Nahuatl and generate material that provides important information to people that speak these languages. The IDLC is a partnership of the Institute for Latin American Studies at Columbia University, The Mexican Studies Institute at Lehman College, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at New York University, designed to promote the teaching, learning, and study of indigenous and diasporic languages of the Americas in the same level and quality of other languages.


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Please email us at for more information and to join our efforts.To donate to our scholarship fund, please contact or mail contributions to the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies, c/o the Lehman College Foundation, Shuster Hall, Rm 318, 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, Bronx NY 10468 (718-960-8766). Alternatively you can click on the link below to make an electronic contribution. Thank you!