Multimedia Export from Mathematica 6

Export in JVX and implementing in a web site with JavaView.
This toy example is a standard 3D plot produced by Mathematica.
It works perfect, you can rotate it with the mouse.

Now we want to do the same for a real-life 3D plot obtained by combining several objects.
This is a wheel rolling on a plane shown at different moments of time.
Below is a JPG export from Mathematica

Here is export of the same in JVX. You can rotate it but details are lost.



Now we try to export Animate[..] in SWF.
The toy example below works, although moving too fast


Below is a real-life example with the rolling wheel.
The exported file is very small for some reason, there are maybe only a few frames in it,
although export takes a significant time. This file is crippled.


The only multimedia export that worked for me is animated GIF below.
The black line is trajectory of the center of the wheel
and the red line is trajectory of the contact point on the plane