You get to Blackboard via the CUNY Portal: DO NOT USE the old Lehman Blackboard username, password, and location!

Go to the CUNY Portal and click on “Log-in” (left side)

·         If you have not activated your CUNY Portal account, click on “Register now!” to activate your CUNY Portal account:

o        Click on Student, and then fill in the Last Name, Social Security Number (no hyphens), Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy), click NEXT, CONFIRM the information.

o        You will get a USERNAME and you will be asked for a PASSWORD.  Make a note of the USERNAME and keep a note of the PASSWORD you create.  If you forget these it is complicated to reenter your account!

§         If you receive an error message (like “One or more fields below did not exactly match the data we have in our records. Please try again.”), try again.

§         If you still cannot confirm your account USERNAME and PASSWORD, follow the instructions at this site:

§         Questions, Answers, and Troubleshooting:

·         Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD, and click on Log In to get to your own CUNY Portal page – My Page.

·         On My Page, click on Blackboard, which will bring up the “Check In to Blackboard” Page 

o        You may have to reenter your USERNAME and PASSWORD again;

o        This Verification page can be accessed directly (without accessing the CUNY Portal): go to

·         On the “Check In to Blackboard” Page, click on Student on the Lehman College line