Computer Vision & Computational Software Laboratory

Computer Vision:

To explore Computer Vision ideas that work in the real world we have built a lab space designed to support such efforts. Much of the lab space is left open for experiments. The lab features black out shades to control outside natural light. Fluorescent and incandescent track lighting is complemented with ceiling-mounted digital projectors (3LCD + DLP). An initial set of 3 projectors are installed in the ceiling as well as local power outlets and a bar for video camera mounts. We use Camera Link cameras (3CCD + CMOS).

Computational Software:

The lab includes a computing system consisting of PCs, Power Mac G5s, and Windows, Mac, and Linux severs. A Storage Area Network (SAN) provides optically-switched storage. The system is used for computational software development. Our focus is on simulation projects, we develop our own code but also use Matlab at various stages.

Student Projects:

The lab is also used to prepare students for research work and professional software careers. Students can learn the underlying science behind research projects or contribute (i.e., via software development). The lab makes available some of the computer resources for a few independent student software projects such as the Lehman Instant Messaging Environment (LIME).


Lab director: Yves Jean