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Finanical Aid Office at Lehman College

Financial Aid Programs - Loans

For additional information on the recent Public Service Loan Forgiveness & Fresh Start Initiative click here

For detailed information on the Federal Student Loan Process click here

Federal Direct Loans (see below for instructions on how to apply)

  • Federal Direct Loan
  • PLUS Loan
  • Grad Plus Loan
  • For detailed information of all Federal Loans, please click here

***The last day to apply for a Spring 2023 ONLY Federal Direct Loan was Thursday May 18, 2023. We are no longer accepting loan requests for the 2022-23 Academic Year.

***Loan Requests for Academic Year 2024 (Summer 2023, Fall 2023 and Spring 2024) will be available starting Monday May 8, 2023*** For instructions on applying, please click here.

Winter Semester Loans Information- There are NO Federal Direct Loans available for Winter Only enrollment. You may, however, borrow a Federal Direct Loan to help cover your Winter AND Spring 2023 enrollment charges. You must be enrolled in at least 6 combined credits for both Winter and Spring 2023 semesters.

Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Requirements & Master Promissory Note links

  • Direct Loan Requirements
    • Have a FAFSA on file
    • Enrolled in at least 6 credits in the term applying for the loan
    • Have completed all To Do list items in your CUNYfirst Student Center
    • Have remaining Direct Loan eligibility for the term you are requesting to borrow
    • Making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for the term you are requesting to borrow

  • Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
    • Must be completed if you are a First Time Loan Borrower at Lehman. If you do not complete both requirements, the loan will not disburse to your account.
    • Entrance Counseling - click here to complete your Entrance Counseling requirement.
    • Master Promissory Note - click here to complete your MPN requirement.

  • Direct Loan Exit Counseling
    • ***Must be completed if your Enrollment drops below 6 credits, you completely Withdraw OR you Graduate. Click here to complete your Exit Counseling requirement.

Alternative Loans

Federal Direct Loan

Borrowing Smart for College

Borrowing Smart for CollegeIt's a fact: Most CUNY students graduate debt free, thanks to scholarships, financial aid and a tuition plan that ranks among the top in the nation for affordability. But some students may need to borrow to make it through their college career. Are you unsure how much money you'll need or what loan options are best for your CUNY education?      


Loans are funds that must be paid back within a specified period of time after the student graduates or leaves college for any reason. Loans provide students and their families with flexibility because the money may be used for tuition as well as other expenses associated with college attendance. In addition, student loans usually carry lower interest charges than the standard commercial rates. Just like any other loan, student loans must be repaid with interest. After you graduate you will be required to repay what you have borrowed. If you fail to meet the terms of the loan with regard to repayment it will impact on your ability to borrow for a car, a home and other purchases in your future. If you have any questions about the repayment terms of a loan you should not sign the promissory note until your questions are answered. If you find that you will need to borrow money to pay for some of the costs of your college education, there are federal loans available to you. CUNY participates in the Direct Loan Program where students borrow directly from the federal government. If you have financial need you may be eligible for a subsidized Direct Loan , where there is no interest charged to you as long as you maintain at least half-time (6 credits) enrollment in school.

Interest Rates

  • All Undergraduate Direct loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2022 have an interest rate of 4.99%.
  • All Graduate and Professional Direct loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2022 have an interest rate of  6.54%.
  • All Direct PLUS (Parent PLUS and Grad PLUS) Loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2022 have an interest rate of 7.54%

*****Important Reminders*****

  • Federal Direct Loan eligibility is initially determined through the filing of a FAFSA application.
  • However, a separate Lehman College Direct Loan application must also be filed (Grad students - see new Grad loan info. noted above).
  • To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a matriculated course of study leading to a degree, registered for a minimum of six credits applicable towards their degree requirements, and have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.0 (3.0 for Graduate students), and meet all other federal financial aid eligibility requirements.
  • Direct Loans can be applied to direct and indirect educational costs (e.g. tuition and clothing, respectively). Like Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Loans have employment related loan cancellation provisions. Subsidized Direct Loans range from $200-$5500 for undergraduate students. Unsubsidized, Parent PLUS and Graduate PLUS loans are also available.
  • Cost of Education, Expected Family Contribution and Academic Level determine actual Direct Loan awards. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Education FDL website, or email us at

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Alternative Loans

Private Education (Alternative) Loans

Alternative Loans are education loans that are based on the credit worthiness of the student and/or co-signer(s). Many banks, credit unions, and savings and loan corporations offer these loan products. Alternative loans tend to have higher interest rates than do the Title IV federal loans (i.e., Direct Loan). Most alternative loans require an enrollment status of at least six credits. As with the Title IV federal loans, alternative loan repayment usually begins six months after a student graduates or enroll for less than six credits. The loan accrues interest while the student is attending college. Lehman College views alternative loans as an educational funding source for international students, non-matriculated students and other students who are not eligible for Title IV federal loans. Private (Alternative) loans should be considered only as a "last resort" after exhausting all Federal financial aid options. 

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