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Writing Across the Curriculum

History and Goals

Lehman College's WAC program was developed by Sondra Perl and Marcie Wolfe in 1999. Its faculty-development model derives, in part, from the work of the New York City Writing Project and the Institute for Literacy Studies. Lehman WAC is currently coordinated by Assistant Professor Tyler Schmidt (English) and Associate Professor Jessica Yood (English). Over the years since its inception, Lehman WAC has worked with faculty from almost every department.

The Lehman WAC program has three institutional goals:

  • to increase the number, type, and purpose of writing assignments in both upper and lower division courses in order to improve student writing and thinking across the disciplines;
  • to work with the Lehman community and the College's curriculum committee to create, develop, and sustain writing-intensive courses;
  • to coordinate with the various offices at Lehman concerned with student literacy and faculty development (the Academic Center for Excellence, the SEEK program, the Instructional Technology Center, the Freshman Year Initiative program, the Bridging the Colleges program, and the Institute for Literacy Studies).