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Assessment at Lehman College encompasses all major academic and administrative areas, ranging from the institution as a whole to individual units. Academic and Educational Support (AES) units contribute directly and indirectly to Lehman College's mission, strategic goals, student achievement outcomes, and institutional improvement. AES assessment contributes to the College's ability to meet its student learning and institutional goals in a fashion consistent with its mission.

AES assessment is:

- Periodic (regular)
- Cover a substantial measure of AES units
- Assess Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Support Outcomes (SOs) depending on the mission and services of the AES unit
- Include both Direct and Indirect Evidence
- Describe the use or intended use of the assessment results (and follow-up, where appropriate)

AES units assess both SOs and SLOs. Assessment of student learning outcomes (SLOs) among AES units is important, as student experiences within the context of AES units and the co-curricular experience contribute to students' achievement of institutional learning outcomes and general education competencies. These experiences allow students to gain the insight, capacity, and competency to lead productive lives upon graduation characterized by career growth and civic engagement.

AES assessment is documented on the College's Taskstream Assessment Management System and detailed in its annual Institutional Effectiveness Assessment report.

Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional effectiveness is concerned with measuring an institution's progress toward fulfilling its mission, attaining its vision, and meeting its strategic goals. Regular assessment of institutional effectiveness, reporting on those outcomes, and incorporating those results into planning, resource allocation, and decision making is integral to promoting a culture of continual institutional improvement in academic, administrative, and student support areas.

Administrative Plans

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Annual Reports

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