Institutional Research, Planning & Data Analytics

Assessment Calendar

Fall 2018

October 1

2018-19 Assessment Plans are due. All plans should be discussed at the department level before being entered into TaskStream by the department/program's assessment coordinator. The college's assessment coordinator, along with the appropriate Dean's Office will review each plan shortly after submission.

2017-18 Action Plans are due. Action plans should indicate the steps that will be taken to improve student learning based on 2017-18 assessment findings.

October - December

Programs engage in data collection for fall semester projects.

Coordinators meet with faculty and assessment coordinator to ensure that plans are progressing.

Spring 2019


Preliminary assessment results are tabulated if necessary.

March 1

2017-18 Status Reports are due. The Status Report describes how the strategies employed in the Action Plan have impacted student achievement of the targeted expected learning outcomes.

June 1

Assessment Findings and preliminary analysis from 2017-18 assessment plans are due. All findings should be entered into Taskstream.

Programs complete data collection for spring semester projects.