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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB Meeting Schedule

All IRB applications whether new (exempt, expedited or full), continuing review or amendment requests must be submitted through IDEATE link.

Exempt and expedited applications can be submitted anytime through IDEATE Expedited applications will be sent to one of the local on campus expedited reviewers and exempt applications will be reviewed by the Human Research Protection Program administrator. For full review applications, your proposal will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting.

If your research presents more than minimal risk or does not meet the qualifications for Exempt or Expedited review you will need to apply for Full Review. Examples of research that would require full review are listed below.

  • Research that might put subjects at more than minimal risk
  • Research involving deception that might have adverse effects on the subjects
  • Interviews or surveys on sensitive or illegal topics
  • Research involving vulnerable populations; e.g. minors, prisoners, pregnant females, and the mentally incompetent (Research involving minors can meet Expedited Review qualifications or occasionally exempt qualifications.)

Keep in mind that the final determination whether a research study is exempt, expedited, or full will be made by the IRB.