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Bronx Recovery Corps
International Programs & Community Engagements

The Bronx Recovery Corps

In spring 2021, Lehman College, in collaboration with HERE to HERE, launched the Bronx Recovery Corps (BRC) as a model to integrate learning from work into students’ academic pathways, providing an integrated youth talent development opportunity for first generation college students while infusing the Bronx with essential supports and services to support the borough’s economic recovery. The Bronx Recovery Corps incorporates four key elements that meet the twofold purpose of setting Lehman students on a path to career success and contributing to the borough's and city’s economic recovery. The four elements of the Recovery Corps experience are: (1) employer engagement; (2) community engagement; (3) academic credit; and (4) career preparation.

Website -- BRC by International Programs & Community Engagement

Prospective BRC Fellows

The Bronx Recovery Corps:

  • provides Lehman students with the opportunity to contribute to the economic recovery of the Bronx and NYC.
  • supports students who already are contributing in essential roles.
  • prepares and positions students for future career and civic success!

Student fellows will gain:

  • technical skills
  • academic credit
  • work experience
  • career preparation support
  • engagement in/with the community

Program Cohort:

The program is divided into two cohorts: Internship & Mentorship

Mentorship Cohort:

These are students that are already employed and want to enhance their professional development.

  • Students in the mentorship cohort receive 1:1 mentoring through City Mentors. Mentors are professionals in over 20 industries such as finance, tech, education, healthcare, law, and performance art.

Internship Cohort:

These are students that want to gain job experience by participating in an internship.

  • Students in the internship cohort complete employer interviews to be placed in an internship with one of our community partners. Students are paid $17/hour and are projected to work an average of 10 hours from 11/2022 to 05/2023.
  • The internship involves acquiring and developing transferable skills in a wide range of fields. Students should be open to hybrid or in-person work.

All Accepted Students (both cohorts):

  • are required to register and complete one of the courses below in Spring 2023
    • LEH 250 (For students that have completed 45 credits or less)
    • LEH 300 (For students that have completed more than 45 credits)
  • are required to attend workshops in the Fall 2022 Semester (the first workshop will be on 08/18/22)

Past Bronx Recovery Corps fellows may not reapply.


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