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International Programs & Community Engagements


The Office of International Programs & Community Engagement (IPCE) is dedicated to supporting the holistic development of all students as global citizens by providing opportunities for local, national and international engagement. Our Peers help support the development and implementation of these opportunities.

Meet our Peers: 2022 - 2023

Declan O'Boy

Declan O'BoyDeclan is currently a Junior studying history and political science for a double major, and hopes to graduate in spring 2024. As a student of the humanities and social sciences, Declan is looking to pursue a career in public service. Declan believes in the importance of government and that it ought to be used to serve the people’s needs. As a peer educator, Declan hopes to get more involved with the Bronx community and learn ways he can help out locally and help Lehman students learn about important volunteer opportunities. In his free time Declan likes to read and watch movies. His favorite movie is Apocalypse Now.

Maryam Sule

Maryam SuleMaryam is a sophomore who is pursuing a BA in Political Science. Her career goal is to become an Urban Planner, Diplomat or Policy Analyst because she can use her skills to make a difference. While at Lehman, Maryam has obtained certificates with the Office of Campus Life. She has also worked with the Office of Prestigious Awards, the Bronx Recovery Corp Program and the Office of International Programs & Community Engagement. As a Peer Educator, Maryam wants to share her knowledge with students on how to further their academics to an international level. She is also looking forward to enhancing her communication skills and gaining professional skills. Outside of work and school, Maryam can be found browsing and trying new hair and skin routines (which she has found another now!)