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Media Technology Services

Media Technology Services - Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECs)

Technology has influenced the learning preferences of our students and has increased the range of options to enhance the classroom experience. Advances in both pedagogy and technology provide new ways to impact the student experience. The Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) initiative at Lehman is part of the IT Division's action plan to support instructors and students with the information resources both within and beyond the traditional classroom.

Lehman's technology enhanced classrooms enable instructors and students to access the equipment and tools that can provide a dynamic learning experience. Users can present with multimedia displays and web-enabled tools. The College currently supports technology in 209 TECs on campus, or approximately 86% of all classrooms.

One of Lehman's priorities is to offer advanced services to students and faculty through the effective deployment of emerging technologies. As a result, we have proposed a focus within the 2016/17 Technology Fee process on accelerating the renewal of classroom technologies. Many of Lehman's TECs were outfitted several years ago and need a refresh to remain up-to-date with the learning requirements of students and faculty.

The goal of this effort is to enhance classroom technologies to minimize valuable class start-up time and create a more current and unified strategy to support teaching, learning, and student success. Aspects of this include enhanced wireless access, greater use of lecture capture, and untethering the instructor from the podium. This will allow faculty and students to focus on instruction rather than distracting equipment issues. Moreover, as additional departments leverage computers and tablets, Lehman needs to consider ways to increase the number of computer classrooms. Proposals that support accelerating the renewal of classroom technologies were requested to receive priority consideration during the Tech Fee review process.

Technology Equipped Classroom Types and Listings

The evolution of classroom technology at Lehman has resulted in the development of a tiered approach to TEC design and implementation. Each tier was designed to add an additional level of functionality to the classroom. The following summarizes the typical components in each classroom tier.

  • Tier 1/Standard Classroom (SR): Includes: projector, screen, wall control panel connection and speaker system. Lehman has 146 (in select locations) classrooms in this tier.
  • Tier 2/Standard Classroom Plus (SR+): Includes SR (above) and adds DVD-VHS and or Blu-ray player, compact lectern with desktop computer and microphones*. Some classrooms may include a lockable cabinet and a Smartboard or Smart Podium. Lehman has 46 classrooms in this tier.
  • Tier 3/Advanced Presentation Space (APS): Includes SR+ (above) and adds multimedia lectern, touch screen control panel, computer (osX and Windows), lectern microphone, handheld* and over the head* microphone. A document camera and/or video camera. Lehman has 16 classrooms in this tier.

* In Select Locations

Visit our Lehman Connect Technology in the Classroom site (login required) to see a detailed list of technology equipped classrooms for each building.

Mobile Resources

In addition, Media Technology Service also provides the following mobile resources:

  • Mobile Presentation System (MPS): A self-contained cart with a fixed projector, speaker and laptop.
  • Mobile Presentation Lecterns (MPL): Designed to be mobile and intended to interface with SR and SR+ spaces. These may include: Sympodium, LCD display, document camera, DVD or Blu-ray player.

Online Media Technology Reservations

Do you need a video camera or computer for your class? Use the new Media Technology Services online reservation system. Find this tool through the Lehman One Access portal—simply use your Lehman email credentials to login to Lehman One Access and click "MTS Equipment Reservations" to create, view or cancel equipment reservations. Call MTS if you need assistance with the new reservation system.

Classroom Issues

If there any concerns with a TEC, contact Media Technology Services or submit an online TrackIT service request in Lehman Connect.