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Office of Campus Life at Lehman College

Clubs and Organizations

Lehman College hosts over 50 student clubs and organizations ranging from academic societies to co-curricular, social and pre-professional groups. Your membership in a club/organization opens up the opportunity to learn and grow beyond the curricular experience in classrooms. You will get to work, first hand, on projects or activities, which will potentially help you develop leadership skills or increase your knowledge in a particular subject area.

Additionally, your involvement may lead to new friendships or social engagement with your peers, the College faculty and staff, and the community. Most college freshmen enter college not knowing many people. Joining student clubs and organizations is great way to meet like-minded individuals. You will be part of a college family which will extend beyond graduation and make your student life at Lehman much more meaningful.

Which Student Club or Organization should You join?

When choosing a student club/organization you might base your decision on your interests and passions or on the potential benefits it will bring to you.

  • Clubs you join might be:
  • Related to your academic major
  • Helpful in broadening your cultural horizons
  • Similar to your interests and passions
  • Offering you career development opportunities

Creating Your Own Club

The main requirements to create a club are:

  • A minimum of 10 members
  • A Club Constitution
  • A Faculty/Staff Advisor

The Office of Campus Life is happy to assist students who wish to form new clubs and organizations in accordance with policies and protocols set forth by the Trustees of CUNY and Lehman College.

New and existing club registration takes place during the first two to three weeks of each semester. Specific dates are published prior the begining of classes.

Registration of new and existing clubs happens online at Club Central (


All student club leaders are required to participate in the training sessions offered at the start of every semester. Students are taught about the procedures for creating events, handling funds, managing schedules, keeping membership, and promoting participation. Students are also required to complete an online training on sexual harrasment and domestic violence SPARC. Please contact the Office of Campus Life for more details.

What are the privileges of recognized student clubs and organizations?

The recognition of your club or organization also comes with several benefits, some of which are:

  • Use of campus facilities and equipment: classrooms, bulletin boards, meeting rooms, lecture halls, lounges, multimedia equipment, tables, booths, and more during “Free Hours”.
  • A club office, if available, in the Student Life Building which contains 26 club rooms.
  • Funding: Through the Student Government's Committee of Co-Curricular Development, clubs can sponsor receptions, speakers, movies, seminars, dances, or cultural events.

A list of benefits as well as responsibilities of clubs and organizations can be found at the Club Manual [PDF].

Recognized Clubs at Lehman College

For an updated list of recognized clubs and organizations and their events at Lehman College please visit: Club Central (

Club Central is the portal to activities and student organizations at Lehman College.