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First Year Transfer Re-admit Second Degree


Welcome back to our Lehman Community!

You are considered a re-admit student if you previously attended Lehman College without earning a degree and now wish to do so.

Your next steps for your return to Lehman will depend on how you left and what you have done since. See below for different scenarios and click on each to see next steps.

Stop-Out    Re-Admit     Appeal

  • Your first step is to check your account for any holds that could prevent registration and take the next step to clear those holds right away
    • Bursar hold, for example, must be cleared by paying your bill with the Bursar’s Office before you can move forward with any registration next steps
  • You will need to file an appeal prior to filing a re-admit application
    • Pay attention to the appeal deadlines and make sure you submit your appeal on time! Appeals submitted after the stated deadline will be rejected.
      • For the Fall semester: appeals must be submitted between the first Monday in April until the first Thursday in August
      • For the Spring semester: appeals must be submitted between the first Monday in October until the first Monday in January
    • In most cases, you will be filing an appeal for Readmission
    • You may also want to file an appeal for Reinstatement of SAP and submit a TAP Waiver to request reinstatement of Financial Aid
      • Please consult with the Financial Aid Office via the chatbot for any questions about Financial Aid and the readmit process
  • Appeals must be submitted through SM Apply
    • You can find instructions for using SM Apply here
    • Try to include the following in your appeal application:
      • the reason(s) behind your poor academic performance (for example, poor health; a financial need that keeps you working so many hours that you cannot devote enough time and energy to your studies; an unresolved personal or family situation)
      • details about how you have taken care of the problem(s) so that it/they do not keep you from succeeding in the future
      • an explanation of how you plan to improve your record and return to good academic standing within a reasonable time
      • any documents that can help you to prove the existence of extenuating circumstances and/or your readiness to return
  • If your appeal is approved, you will still need to apply for readmission. Please see next steps for that process above
  • Questions? Your assigned advisor is here to guide you through the process! You can find your assigned advisor by logging into Navigate and viewing your Success Team. For more information about the appeals process, contact the Office of Academic Standards and Evaluation located in Shuster Hall, Room 116, or e-mail them at

Did you attend another university after leaving Lehman College?

Please follow the steps for the readmit process, and make sure you submit an official college transcript from any other school you attended. These transcripts should be included in your readmit application.

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