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Blackboard Basics
Online Education at Lehman College

Blackboard Basics

Blackboard is a learning management platform that allows you to post course materials, create an opportunity for students to engage with you and with each other, and demonstrate that they have achieved the set learning goals. Each course automatically gets a Blackboard course site when courses open for registration and students are automatically enrolled. Please review the following resource pages to get more familiar with Blackboard. We recommend that you complete the self-paced Blackboard tutorial.

1. Getting Oriented

2. Make a Plan

3. Communication

a.           Start with Announcements

b.           Facilitate Conversations with Discussions

c.           How-to Webinar: Effective Use of Discussion Boards

d.           Extend the Reach: Send Email

e.           Video Conferencing in Blackboard

4. Course Materials

a.           Create a Content Folder

b.           Text Editor

c.           Add Files

5. Assessment

a.           Assessments/SafeAssign

b.          How-to Webinar: Using Assignment Features in Blackboard

c.           Test and More

d.           Calendar: Never miss a beat!

6. Collaboration

a.           Discussion Board

b.           Journals

c.           Groups

7. Course Availability

8. Student Preview