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Obtaining a Lehman College ID Card During Campus Closure


While the campus remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Public Safety ID card service has been suspended to ensure the safety and health of all students, faculty, staff and alumni. We apologize for this inconvenience.

During the campus closure, new students (including transfer students), faculty and staff can obtain a Lehman College ID card using the Office of Public Safety’s online photo system.

New students (including transfer students), faculty and staff will be sent an email 'Invite' that provides users the opportunity to submit a photo to the online system. The Invite also provides information on the necessary steps to follow to submit an acceptable photo.

Upon approval of the photo submission, a Lehman College ID card will be created. The ID card will be sent to the Public Safety Command Center at Gate #5 where it can be picked up. An email is sent when the ID card is available.

An additional identification card such as a state ID, passport or visa is required to pick up the Lehman College ID card.

Currently employed faculty and staff, currently enrolled students, and alumni who do not possess a Lehman College ID card must contact the Office of Public Safety for further instructions on obtaining their ID card.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni who need to replace a lost or stolen Lehman College ID card, must also contact the Office of Public Safety for further instructions on ID card replacement.

Notifications will be made to the college community advising when the on-campus ID card service will resume.

Additional Information:

Rutger's University's Office of Public Safety provides information on composing a photo to an online photo system. Lehman College's online photo system is similar to Rutger's system. Click on the link: to learn about composing an online photo. Follow the suggested guidelines listed under 'Photo Submission Requirerments'.

Please note that the Rutger's University link is for informational purposes only and does not provide the ability to create a Lehman College ID card.

The Office of Public Safety appreciates your patience and understanding.

To contact the Office of Public Safety, please send an email to:

Public Safety staff will respond as expeditiously as possible.

Be safe and healthy!


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