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Obtaining a Lehman College ID Card During Campus Closure

While the campus continues to remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the on-campus Public Safety ID card service continues to be suspended to ensure the safety and health of all students, faculty, staff and alumni. We apologize for this inconvenience.

During the campus closure, new students (including transfer students), faculty and staff can obtain a Lehman College ID card using the Office of Public Safety’s online photo system.

New students (including transfer students), faculty and staff will be sent an email 'Invite' that provides users the opportunity to create a photo for submission to the online system.

Approved photo submissions are processed for ID card creation. An additional 3-5 business days is required for completion of a Lehman College ID card.

Completed ID cards are sent to the Public Safety Command Center at Gate #5 for pick up.

***Note: Contact the Public Safety Command Center at 718-960-8228 to determine if your ID card is available for pickup before coming to the campus.

An additional identification card such as a state ID, passport or visa is required to pick up the Lehman College ID card.

Currently employed faculty and staff, currently enrolled students, and alumni who do not possess a Lehman College ID card must contact the Office of Public Safety for further instructions on obtaining their ID card.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni who need to replace a lost or stolen Lehman College ID card, must also contact the Office of Public Safety for further instructions on ID card replacement.

Notifications will be made to the college community when the on-campus ID card service resumes.


Composing Your Photo Using the Online Photo System*

  • Lehman College ID card photos are created using an online system via an email Invite that is sent to students, faculty and staff.
  • The Lehman College ID card photo submission should look similar to a photo that is used on a passport or a driver's license. Example:

**Photo submission requirements:

  • Must be a recent color photo
  • Must be taken in real-time
  • Must use a plain, light background
  • Must use bright, even lighting (prevents foreground and/or background shadows)
  • Must be a centered, frontal, full face photo – no profile (not posed)
  • Must be cropped from just above the top of the head to just below the collarbone (See above example)
  • Camera must be at eye level
  • Head must be level
  • Eyes must be looking straight forward (See above example)
  • Eyes must be open and visible (wear prescription glasses if you normally do so)

**Unacceptable Photos:

  • Photos where head band or hat is worn
  • Photos where sunglasses is worn
  • Photos where hair or other items is obscuring the face
  • Photos where bluetooth, headphone, headset, earbud, airpod devices are worn
  • Photos with light glare/camera flash on eyeglass lens
  • Photos with foreground or background shadowing
  • Photos with walls or doors with lines, patterns, etc.
  • Photos with borders, images, filters, etc.
  • Photos with people or objects in the background
  • Photos with inappropriate expressions or gestures

***Note: Professional photos, senior portraits, school photos, or a photo of a photo are not accepted.

The Lehman College ID card is an official document and is the property of the college.

The online photo system software used by Lehman College is provided by a third party vendor.

*Instructions was taken from Rutger's University's Office of Public Safety website for informational purposes only.

**Edited for use by the Lehman College Office of Public Safety.

The Office of Public Safety appreciates your patience and understanding.

To contact the Office of Public Safety, please send an email to:

Public Safety staff will respond as expeditiously as possible.

Be safe and healthy!


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