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Special Academic Sessions

Transferring from Guttman Community College

Lehman College and Guttman Community College have partnered to develop a clear pathway for Guttman Community College students to follow when seeking to transfer to Lehman College upon completion of their Associates degree.

Benefits of this partnership include:

  • The opportunity to earn degrees from two quality public institutions with the lowest tuition rates regionally
  • The ability to transfer up to 70 community college credits toward your Bachelors degree
  • Dedicated Lehman College contact to answer any questions you may have throughout the application, admissions, and registration processes.  Emily Denham is at Guttman on a regular basis to meet with students and provide pre-transfer advisement.  She can be reached at
  • Academic Advising services from professional advisors
  • Up-to-the-minute information about recruitment events, open houses, etc.
  • Invitations to participate in Lehman College campus events


How do my Credits Transfer into my degree program at Lehman College?

The Transfer Explorer (TREX) tool can be used to see how credits will transfer from the BTAG institutions, including any CUNY college, into Lehman. This tool can be used to help ensure students are taking courses that will most benefit them upon transfer to Lehman.


Articulation Agreements

Lehman College and Guttman Community College have entered into guaranteed admission and blanket articulation agreements to help ensure the seamless transfer of students. The following documents provide detailed information:


Applying to Lehman College

Students interested in transferring to Lehman College should visit the Lehman College application page for complete application information.

If you have missed the application deadline for the semester you are interested in attending Lehman please contact the Lehman College Office of Admissions at (718) 960-8713.