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Special Academic Sessions

Westchester Community College

Lehman College and Westchester Community College have partnered to develop a clear pathway for Westchester Community College students to follow when seeking to transfer to Lehman College upon completion of their Associates degree.

Benefits of this partnership include:

  • The opportunity to earn degrees from two quality public institutions with the lowest tuition rates regionally
  • The ability to transfer up to 70 credits from an Associate’s degree to your Bachelors degree
  • Dedicated Lehman College contact to answer any questions you may have throughout the application, admissions, and registration processes. Emily Denham is at WCC on a regular basis to provide pre-transfer advisement. She can be reached at
  • Academic Advising services from professional advisors
  • Up-to-the-minute information about recruitment events, open houses, etc.
  • Invitations to participate in Lehman College campus events

Transferring with an Associate’s degree

Students are strongly encouraged to transfer to Lehman College once they have completed an Associate degree. Students transferring to Lehman College with an AA or AS degree with a GPA of 2.0 or higher will be considered to have met their lower level general education requirements. Students transferring to Lehman with an AAS degree are required to complete any lower level general education requirements not satisfied by WCC courses. An Advising Guide for AAS Transfer Students has been developed to provide course suggestions on coursework that will apply toward Lehman's general education requirements. This allows students to focus on completing their major and minor (optional) requirements while at Lehman.

Transferring to Lehman without an Associate’s degree

While we encourage students to complete their Associate’s degree prior to transferring, many students do transfer to Lehman College before completing their Associate’s degree. In these cases it may be possible to work in tandem with Advisors at both Lehman and Westchester Community College to ensure that students maximize opportunities to take courses that satisfy both their degree requirements at Lehman and the remaining coursework required at Westchester Community College. The transfer database contained on this page can serve as a tool to help students identify courses that can be applied to both their Lehman degree and their Westchester Community College degree. Students that complete their Associates degree while enrolled at Lehman College will have their lower-level General Education requirements waived as mentioned above.

Degree Requirements for students interested in transferring to Lehman College.

Information for Current SEEK, EOP, or HEOP Students

Current SEEK, EOP, or HEOP students interested in transferring to Lehman College should consult the Lehman College SEEK Program transfer information webpage.

Applying to Lehman College

Students interested in transferring to Lehman College should visit the Lehman College application page for complete application information.

If you have missed the application deadline for the semester you are interested in attending Lehman please contact the Lehman College Office of Admissions at (718) 960-8713 to see if they are still accepting direct admission applications.


How do my Credits Transfer into my degree program at Lehman College?

Class by Class Transfer Database

To assist you in better understanding how your credits will transfer into Lehman College the link below will provide you with an electronic copy of our course by course transfer database. This database is updated annually and should be considered an unofficial guide of how courses are transferred from Westchester Community College to Lehman College.

Westchester Community College Transfer Database

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements are agreements between a community college and a four year college designed to provide students with information on the courses that they should complete while pursuing their Associate’s degree and what courses will required upon transferring.

Updates are currently pending to the Blanket Articulation Agreement and the Program Alignment table.  Please check back in January 2020.

Information for Students Intersted in Pursuing Lehman's RN Program

Minimum requirements for admission to the Clinical Nursing program and additional information about all Nursing programs can be found at the Nursing Department website (the first 4 links). Please note that meeting the minimum requirements for the program does not guarantee admission into the program.

Information for Students with RN Licence Seeking to Complete the Baccalaureate Degree

Curriculum for Nursing majors who possess the RN license may be found here. A completely online option of this program is available as well!

How can I learn more about life at Lehman College?

All Westchester Community College students are encouraged to become fully engaged in events on-campus. With an Art Gallery, Theatre, Performing Arts Center, Division III athletics, and 100’s of campus events annually there is something for everyone. The calendar of events on this page has been designed especially for students from Westchester Community College. We invite you to visit our campus to see if Lehman is a good fit for you.

How can I learn about events on campus?

How do I get more information about transferring to Lehman College?

The Virtual Transfer Center at Lehman College provides students with useful information about transferring to Lehman College. The site contains an interactive comprehensive campus map, a video providing an overview of the application and admissions process, a detailed FAQ section, and links to the Admissions department, Financial Aid office, Bursar’s office, and a host of support services and special program for students.

Students with specific transfer related questions should contact the Lehman College Admission office at (718) 960-8713.