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Testimonial from Godwin Boaful

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is Godwin Boaful; I worked with Dr. Redenti. Thank you for honoring me with your time and expertise during the Stem Scholar Research program. Time and experience, in my opinion, are two of the most vital qualities that no one can purchase, or for lack of a better word, steal. I am deeply grateful to you all for teaching me the valuable skills I gained during this time.

In the future I would not hesitate to participate in this program, or any other program for that matter, that would increase the knowledge I have already acquired through this program, or even gain knowledge in a new area. It was a tremendous experience that also made me a better student. For instance, through the program I became acquainted with preparing power point presentations as well as summarizing a scientific work into forms that can be understood by the larger community. More importantly, it gave me the insight into what it takes to be a true scientist: diligence, patience, and persistence. To all of you fellow students, thank you for the opportunity of working with you during this time; I truly enjoyed and appreciate your company and your helpful attitudes.

This program is indeed an outstanding tool to the Bronx CUNY schools and the community at large. I am hoping that it continues to offer, if not the same, then, a better experience for other students just as it did for me. Once again thank you all for your dedication and devotion. Thank you.


Godwin Boaful 
Bronx Community College
Phi Theta Kappa, Math Tutor
Tel: 646-706-8473