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Why should I live in the Residence Hall?

The Lehman College Residence Hall gives students the opportunity to benefit from living within a small dynamic residential community: Benefits of this community include:

  • Close proximity to campus, that allows students the convenience of being near campus resources and services
  •  Developing relationships with fellow housing peers within a diverse community
  • Housing sponsored programs and activities that provides educational and social development

Who is eligible to live in Residence Hall?

In order to be eligible for Lehman College Student Housing, applicant must be a full time student at Lehman College. Undergraduate students must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits and Graduate students must be registered for a minimum of a 9 credits.

How do I apply for housing for Fall 2021

Applications are available online or in Shuster 204. All complete applications are to be submitted to Shuster 204 (directions are on the application).

A completed application consists of:

  • Lehman College Student Housing Application with applicant’s information
  • $25 check/money order for your non-refundable application fee

*Housing is on a first come first serve basis. In its sole discretion, the College reserves the right to initiate a lottery process, at which time you will be notified of the procedure.*

Where is the residence hall located?

Lehman College Residence Hall is located on Bedford Park Blvd within a 7-10 minute walk from campus.

How many spaces are available within the Residence Hall?

Space varies each year, based on the number of students returning to housing. There are a total of nineteen available beds for Lehman College students.

What are the terms of the housing license agreement?

Students who live in housing sign a housing license agreement that commits them to eleven and one half months per academic year.

How can I pay for housing?

Student Housing fees are billed to your student account and there is a set schedule of six payments for students to make payments in installments.  Certain types of financial aid may be applied towards housing, please contact the Financial Aid Office to find out if you are eligible. Room rates are based on type of room, which includes: double, small single and large single. Current Room Rates are stated on the housing application. 

What is included in the Residence Hall?

  • Fully furnished room (Bed, desk, chair and wardrobe for each student)
  • Kitchens per floor, which include: microwave and refrigerator
  • All utilities included
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • On site laundry
  • Courtyard
  • Community Lounge with large screen TV and computers

What kind of safety measures are in place at the Residence Hall?

There is a 24-hour camera surveillance system connected to campus public safety, Lehman College public safety patrols, emergency button connected to Public safety at both the front entrance and within the residence hall, and live-in housing staff available for emergency assistance.

Do staff members reside in the residence hall?

There are three staff members that reside within the residence hall, which includes a Resident Director and two Resident Assistants. The Resident Director (RD) is a Lehman College staff member whose role is to establish and maintain a small residence hall community conducive to the academic and personal growth of each resident living within the student housing, consistent with the goals and objectives of Lehman College. Resident Assistants (RA) are student leaders who have been trained as peer resources for residents. The "RA’s" have knowledge of Lehman College and they will help in the development of constructive relationships among residents at the Lehman College Bedford Park Residence. Students interested in becoming RA’s should contact the Division of Student Affairs in Shuster Hall room 204 for an application and explanation of the selection process.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Resident Assistant?

The following list is given as a more coherent outline of the tasks associate with the different roles of each RA. These are tasks every RA is required to perform. Other duties might be added to this list by the Resident Director or the Director of Housing.

  • Administrator
    • Assist the coordination of Check-in and Check-out; this includes keeping forms in order and updated, preparing the halls using decorations and bulletins and assisting with the overall administrative tasks related to the hall opening and closing.
    • Report on-going maintenance checks for assigned areas and follow-up on these requests to their completion.
    • Develop a good working relationship with the housekeeping staff members.
    • Assist in the investigation of damage to Residence Hall property and keep the RD informed.
    • Make responsible use of building keys. The keys are to be used to assist students who need entry into their rooms, for responding to emergency situations or as stipulated by RA’s supervisor.
    • Serve a certain amount of hours (every week) performing various administrative tasks at the Student Housing Office.
  • Counselor/Advisor
    • Be available, approachable and visible to students on the floor.
    • Reach out to individuals with personal concerns and who are socially isolated, assisting them with their adjustments to college life.
    • Help to resolve roommate conflicts by scheduling and facilitating roommate meetings. Use these meetings to draw up a “Roommate Agreement” as needed.
    • Refer students to professionals in the Health Services, Counseling Center, or any other Lehman College resource.
    • Respect the rights of all residents and observe the rules of confidentiality except when that confidentiality would result in harm to themselves, to others or the College.
  • Community Builder
    • Have knowledge of the students on your floor(s), starting with each resident’s name, personal interests and reasons for attending Lehman College.
    • Assist in the development of a community within hall or floor though regularly scheduled floor meetings regularly.
    • Increase civic engagement among students to become responsible members of the Lehman College community.
    • Assist in building a sense of community by organizing and implementing programs that the residents will enjoy.

How to apply to be a Resident Assistant?

Applications to become a Resident Assistant are accepted every April. Please visit this webpage again in April 2019 to apply to become a Resident Assistant next academic year (2019 - 2020).

What are the rules for living in the Residence Hall?

Students who reside in The Lehman College Bedford Park Residence must accept and abide by a specific set of rules that govern this community and ensure that the rights of all residents are protected. Upon move-in, you will be provided with copies of the Resident Handbook & Student Code of Conduct. You are also expected to comply with CUNY and Lehman College policies.

Is there a meal plan included?

The Residence Hall does not offer a meal plan at this time. Students have dining options on campus and there are many food establishments and supermarkets within walking distance of the Residence Hall.

What does the Residence halls look like:

Click the link below to be presented with several pictures of our residence hall spaces and rooms.