Welcome to the Title V Office of Supplemental Instruction & Technology Web page. We offer review sessions for several courses in natural sciences, mathematics and business studies. We train and mentor student leader,; provide technological and pedagogical resources for learning, and foster faculty collaboration.

Originally supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the Title V Office of Supplemental Instruction & Technology was established at Lehman in the spring of 2007 to improve student transition to the upper division of scienc disciplines, mathematics, and business studies.

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) connects students and instructors with learning strategies and time management skills to improve success in traditionally difficult courses. SI is provided to all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades.

SI review sessions are offered several times each week by a student or recent graduate who knows the material and knows how to study for great grades. These SI Leaders guide and facilitate rather than teach: students work together to find answers and improve their study skills.

Attendance at sessions is voluntary. SI is an opportunity for students to:

At each session an SI leader guides students through the steps and skills needed to understand and master the assigned work.

Adopted from the UMKC Supervisor Manual 2006, revised 01/09/2009.