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Branden Baskin
Vivid Imagination Program
Students learn how to create music, code, 3D modeling and video production. Students will also have the chance to learn the proper and required way to write, edit, direct, and produce their own projects with practical experience in terms of working on a production. To improve the confidence of the students and install in them the belief that their dreams and aspiration can be obtain through preparation, dedication, and a passion for their vision.

Danyal Sorel
Fortified Future Finance Inc.
Fortified Future Finance, Inc. provides referrals to financial literacy information, financial resources and financial opportunities.
Families, community members, individuals and businesses are welcome to access financial literacy with Fortified Future Finance, Inc.
Instagram: @FortifiedFutureFinance
Facebook: Fortified Future Finance

Dawn Rowe
Girl Vow
A gender focused mentoring program for girls and gender expansive youth impacted by foster care, poverty, and juvenile justice.

Demond Wilkerson
Modern Commercial Capital Institute
We are a commercial lending and real estate consulting firm. We arrange financing for commercial real estate projects. We also assist buyers and sellers of commercial real estate. Economic development consulting to help developers subsidize development costs for projects.

Denis Pena
The Little Giants Day Care and Eisaa foods Corp. Offers desserts or jams with a homemade style of Dominican origins. They also make a yucca arepa with cheese but sweet that is delicious.

Emmanuel Ihekwoaba
KEZ educational services provide an After-School program for students who are struggling with learning and those who want to be on top of the game in their learning efforts. Our After-School program is a comprehensive brain training program developed by LearningRx® — the pioneer and world leader in one-on-one brain training. PACE training programs utilize a series of intense (but stimulating!) mental exercises that strengthen the key skills the brain uses to learn, think, and perform everyday activities.

Femi Lewis
Femi Writes, LLC
Supporting service-based entrepreneurs in building an online presence with content strategy and development.

Gregory Pereira
First steps - urban outreach, inc.
Training & certification center
Website: /

Heidi Torres
H.T. Business Solutions
Bookeeping services for small and medium businesses. Business Registrations and Licenses. As well as Personal and Business Taxes, payroll. Business Loans and other services.

Jose Salcedo
Traiilo is building the best way for people to shop for Latin groceries. Traiilo allows you to get your favorite Latin products from your local Hispanic supermarkets and have them delivered to your door in minutes. With the click of a button, you can choose from a variety of local stores including Associated, Bravo, C-Town, Cherry Valley, Fine Fare, Western Beef and many more, as well as being able to mix items from multiple stores into one order.

Khaitsa Wasiyo
LearnTechTeach is an educational technology company that creates learning products, online courses, and workshops using innovative and effective tools and practices. We do this for entrepreneurs, academia, and governments that want to solve learning and performance programs using visually engaging and interactive methods. LearnTechTeach is also an NYC certified Minority Women Business Enterprise.

Krishel Castellanos
The Detailed Press
The Detailed Press is a luxury press on nails brand dedicated to creating fun, unique, and reusable nail sets that give a perfect, non-damaging manicure in minutes without putting a dent in people’s pockets. All designs are handmade using top quality products. Nails can be removed, reapplied, and even reshaped for full customization.

Kyana Beckles
Leverage Assessments
Leverage Assessments is a boutique Industrial Psychology firm. Leverage has the potential to be at the forefront of a new Interdisciplinary Science that uses cutting edge technology to design/deliver strong assessments; reduce adverse impact, offer a customized experience, and engages candidates like never before. Clients can benefit from a truly customized solution at Leverage Assessments to include; Job Analysis, Accreditation Services, Client/Candidate Feedback, Content Development, Test Administration, Test Delivery Platform Customization, Test Validation. We are in the process of developing a standardized test product. More information will be available on the website soon.

Luis Taveras
Optimization with an Impact
It’s a school advisory service firm focusing on the provision of business services and fiscal intelligence to NYC schools. A start up that has decided to tackle this often overlooked, but critical, area within the school system.

Marisa Estrella
Worldwide Veterans and Family Services Program, Inc.
The program helps veterans and veteran families obtain or maintain permanent housing by offering a large array of supportive services. These services include financial assistance, case management, and assistance in obtaining VA and other benefits.

Obed Fulcar
Sherman Creek Conservancy Inc.
We are a community-based organization founded in 2005 to promote conservation, environmental education, citizen science, advocate for the creation of the Sherman Creek waterfront parks on the Harlem River. We are also promoting tech start ups and entrepreneurship amongst young talent in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. Currently we are promoting the Teen Startup Crypto Teen Bot App for Android and IOS. This app will promote financial education to teens and young adults by allowing them to create wealth and savings by investing in the Crypto Digital Currency Market right on their own smart phones. This app is the brainchild of Algenis Martinez, a senior student at the International School for Liberal Arts ISLA who is a creator and software developer.

Pablo Alvarez
VRStratagem Corp.
Our unique proposition is to integrate Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Realities technology for advertising, sales, retail, e-commerce, engineering, video games, video Entertainment, education, and healthcare by creating, appealing, and engaging content for your branding and corporate vision. We understand why the customer uses that particular product or service, the benefits it offers them and how the customer describes these benefits.

Steven Waters
Pit Stop Help For Veterans
A not for profit organization that helps veterans and their family members with any assistance they may need (employment, housing options, homelessness, medical help, will and testament. Also, If they have a service dog, claims, non-payment of rent, discharge updates, and VA caregivers.

Terra Renee
African American Women In Cinema
African American Women In Cinema (AAWIC) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization who serves as a continuous support for the vibrant work of women filmmakers for the past twenty-three years. AAWIC provides a platform to showcase aligning experienced and novice filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors. Our mission is to expand, explore and create business opportunities for minority women filmmakers throughout the entertainment industry. It is the goal of AAWIC to give artistic women a path to fulfilling their dreams through showcasing their talents, exposure to peers’ interaction, and mentoring by established professionals.

Vicente Navarro
1. Orcinus
VR/AR application developer and content creator. Orcinus is a software and web development firm focused on developing XR solutions for the healthcare and research space. We have over 25 years of experience in basic science research, healthcare, and software development.

2. SciGence, Inc.
SciGence Inc. offers products and services for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Its main product is as an XR education platform focusing on healthcare. The certification platform offers users the ability to train for specific job functions independent of organizational location.

Wilfred Holness
Office of Wilfred Holness
We provide lawful IP protection services to individual or biotechnological, chemical, mechanical, electrical and computer companies. In truth, we provide IP services to all companies and people. We also provide IP services for companies having products with new designs or in many cases old designs. Our law office supplies all the services required to secure and maintain patent/trademark ownership and protection, including: searches related to prior art in preparation for filing applications therefrom; preparation: drafting, filing and prosecution of provisional, non-provisional, design, and international patent applications; We also provide clients with business strategies and intellectual property strategies for maximizing your businesses at any stage of business development, from startup to mature business entities.

Wil Rampersaud
Ramp Up Media
Ramp Up Media is a marketing consulting agency located in New York. We empower businesses with tools to aid in their overall growth and development. By specializing in digital marketing, content creation, and brand consulting services, we analyze your brand and optimize it for peak performance.

Yafreicy Brito
Provides Coaching services to clients about personal development and spirituality. Kavod helps clients do their inner work and set up boundaries.

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Our Facilities

  • Lounge: refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, and kitchen sink.
  • 15-seat Conference Room (must be reserved) with modern video conferencing system and wireless collaboration capabilities.
  • Access to business telephone lines (for those on dedicated desk and private offices).
  • Resource Center: copier/ printer/ scanner and fax.
  • Wireless Internet Wi-Fi.
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Business Support

One-On-One Business Management Consulting. Existing and start-up businesses can receive free counseling services from SBDC by becoming a member:

  • Business Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • International Trade
  • Financial Planning
  • Credit Counseling
  • Loan Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning

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