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College-Level Exam Prep (CLEP)

Earn College Credit. Achieve Your Goals.

The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for nearly 50 years, accepted by 2,900 colleges and universities and administered in more than 1,800 test centers. These exams allow students to test their mastery of college-level material in introductory subjects and earn college credit. Students can earn credit and get closer to achieving their educational goals by earning qualifying scores on one or more CLEP exams.

CLEP exams.

When you take a CLEP exam, you can select the institution that should receive your scores. An official score report will automatically be forwarded to the school. You will also receive an unofficial copy of your score for your records immediately after the examination (except for College Composition). If you do not indicate where you would like your score sent when you register, you can always request a transcript at a later time for a fee. Just submit the Transcript Request Form — it’s available on the CLEP website,

How do I prepare for the CLEP?

Information on CLEP exam practice materials can be found on the CLEP website,

I’m ready to take a CLEP exam.

Visit to sign in to your College Board account or create an account. Once logged in, register for a CLEP exam online. After you complete registration, make an appointment at our test center. For information on office hours and test dates, please visit our website or contact our office.

Test Center at Lehman College
School of Continuing & Professional Studies SCPS

CUNY on the Concourse - Test Center
2501 Grand Concourse, 3rd fl oor,
Bronx, NY 10468
718-960-6900 or 718-960-8512
1. Pay exam fee at
CLEP Exam Fee: $80 Payments by credit card (preferably) or money order, made payable to “CLEP”
2. Pay admin fee at CUNY on the Concourse:
Administration Fee for test center: $49 Nonrefundable credit card or money order payable to “Lehman College”

Available CLEP Exams

Lehman College provides credit for successful scores on several CLEP exams. The following table lists the exam(s) for which credit is granted and the equivalent course you would bypass at Lehman College. Other colleges have different course and credit equivalents; please consult with the specific college for details. 

Subject CLEP Exam Title Lehman Course Equivalent/s

American Government POL 166 (3crs)

American Literature ENG 227 (3crs)

Analyzing International Literature ENG 222 (3crs)

Business Law BBA 336 (3crs)

Calculus MAT 175 (4crs) & MAT 176 (4crs)

College Algebra MAT 104 (3crs)

College Composition ENG 111 (3crs)

College Mathematics MAT 135 (3crs)

Educational Psychology *PSY 9999 (3crs)

English Literature ENG 223 (3crs)

Financial Accounting *ACC 9999 (3crs)

General Biology BIO 166 (4crs) & BIO 167 (4crs)

General Chemistry CHE 166/167(5crs) & CHE 168/169(5crs)

History of the U.S. I HIS 243 (3crs)

History of the U.S. II HIS 244 (3crs)

Human Growth & Development HIN 268 (3crs)

Humanities HUM 250 (3crs)

Information Systems CIS 211 (4crs)

Introductory Psychology PSY 166 (3crs)

Introductory Sociology SOC 166 (3crs)

Natural Science *GEO 9999 (4crs)

Pre-Calculus MAT 172 (4crs)

Principles of Macro-Economics ECO 166 (3crs)

Principles of Marketing BBA 332 (3crs)

Principles of Management BBA 204 (3crs)

Principles of Micro-Economics ECO 167 (3crs)

Social Science and History *SOC 9999 (3crs) & *HIS 9999 (3crs)

Western Civilization I HIS 246 (3crs)

Western Civilization II HIS 247 (3crs)

Languages: French, Spanish or German No credit granted at Lehman

*Note that courses numbered 9999 may not be considered as an exact equivalent, but will count as elective credit at Lehman College.

High School Equivalency in English or En Español

TASC (High School Equivalency)

These courses may be eligible for ACCES-VR and Veterans Tuition Assistance. Prepare to take the new high school equivalency exam, the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion), and start building your future. Our classes provide test preparation for the TASC exams. A placement test is administered for new students. Placement test fee: $20 (check/money order/debit card only). When you register for classes, the $20 registration fee will be waived. Ideal for re-testers, and those seeking improved skills in the workplace and/or support for individual subjects. Lehman students are eligible to sit for the TASC on the Lehman Campus. NOTE: To sit for the TASC a 30-day proof of N.Y. residency is mandatory.


in Carman Hall 128

Saturday, Jan 21 or May 6 10 am-12 pm Wednesday, Jan 25 or May 10, 6:30-8:30 pm Call 718-960-8512 for a special placement testing appointment.


CCR 11 15 sessions / 30 hours / LEHC / $199


CCR 16 15 sessions / 30 hours / LEHC / $199



CCR 10 15 sessions / 30 hours / LEHC / $199

CCR 15 10 sessions / 30 hours / LEHC / $199

Obtenga su Equivalencia de la Escuela Secundaria en Español

Estos cursos pueden ser elegibles para ACCES-VR y asistencia financiera para veterano. Prepárese para tomar el nuevo examen de equivalencia de la escuela secundaria, el TASC (Test Assessment Secondary Completion), y empezar a construir su futuro. Nuestras clases ofrecen preparación para los exámenes TASC. Se administra un examen de nivel para los nuevos estudiantes. El costo de la prueba de nivel es $20 (cheque / giro postal / tarjeta de débito solamente). Cuando usted se inscribe para las clases, la cuota de inscripción de $20 será deducida. Estas clases son ideales para aquellos que necesitan tomar el examen nuevamente o por prinera vez. Los estudiantes de Lehman son elegibles para tomar el TASC en nuestra institucion.. NOTA: Para asistir al TASC es obligatorio presentar una prueba de residencia del estado de N.Y. de 30 días.



en Carman Hall 128

Sábado, 28 de Enero o 6 de Mayo 10 am-12 pm Miércoles, 1 de Febrero o 3 de Mayo, 6:30-8:30 pm. Llame al 718-960-8512 para hacer una cita de pruebas de colocación.


SCR 11 15 sesiones / 30 horas / LEHC / $199


SCR 16 15 sesiones / 30 horas / LEHC / $199




SCR 10 10 sesiones / 30 horas / LEHC / $199


SCR 15 15 sesiones / 30 horas / LEHC / $199


Students have the convenience of taking the TASC on the Lehman College campus, an offi cial New York State test center. It is administered monthly, February through December

High School

Test Prep for NYC Special HS (Math and English)

See under Lehman Academy, Children and Teens


SAT Prep for grades 11, 12 (Math and English)

See under Lehman Academy, Children and Teens


(Math Only) Gr 11, 12

Prepare for the May 5 ACT! Students are engaged in extensive math practice and drills while in class and are taught strategies to use while taking theexam. Please bring textbook: Barron’s 6 ACT Practice Tests, 2nd Edition.

YPP202 5 sessions / 10 hours / LEHC / $115

NEW ACT PREPARATION (Verbal only) Gr 11, 12

Prepare for the May 5 ACT! This course helps prepare students for the ACT. All verbal topics in therevised exam are covered; writing, including theessay and questions on grammar and usage; andcritical reading. Test-taking strategies are included. Please bring textbook: Barron’s 6 ACT PracticeTests, 2nd Edition.

YPP203 5 sessions / 10 hours / LEHC / $115


Graduate School

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Preparation

GRE Pre-Test Required: $20*
Call 718-960-8512 to make appointment if you cannot come on Mon, Feb 6 or Wed, Jun 7. *$20 is applied towards registration for class. This GRE preparation course offers quality instruction and is a review of all sections of the exam-verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing are covered. First session is dedicated to pre-test evaluation. The GRE is offered year-round. Textbook, The Princeton Review-Cracking the GRE Premium, 2017 Edition should be brought to the 1st session.
GRE12 10 sessions / 30 hours / LEHC / $399


Professional Test Prep

Real Estate Salesperson Course
See under Professional Licensure

Notary Public Exam Preparation
See Under Professional Licensure

Non-Profit Management and PMP Project Management Online
See under Online Learning


College Bridge

An integrated comprehensive math skills program designed to assist adult learners as they transition into a college degree program. The primary emphasis of this program is to provide a review and test preparation for the CUNY Assessment exams required for admission to The City of New York/Lehman Adult Degree Program.


This course reinforces pre-algebra skills through intensive drills, assignments and classroom activities. It is open only to Adult Degree Program (ADP) students who did not pass Part 1 of the CUNY Assessment Test in Math. Once you pass the course, you will be admitted to MAT 030: Elementary Algebra. You will need permission of your ADP advisor to take this course. Steck-Vaughn’s GED Mathematics from Amazon must be brought to class. No discount applies to this course.
CBP 52 (24 sessions) LEHC

Elementary Algebra

This course emphasizes algebra skills through intensive drills, assignments and classroom activities. It is only open to Adult Degree Program (ADP) students who did not pass Part 2 of the CUNY Assessment Test in Math or who completed CBP 52 (Boot-Camp) with a passing grade. You will need permission of your ADP advisor to take this course if you have not already passed CBP 52.No discount applies to this course.
MAT 030 (24 sessions) LEHC (24 sessions)

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