American Studies

American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that investigates the content and meaning of American culture. Students selecting this course of study will acquire a broad picture of American experience from colonial times to the present day, together with the methodological techniques required for analysis of primary materials. Students will study widely in history, literature, the arts, and the social sciences, exploring the theoretical constructs and substantive interpretations of the various disciplines that examine American life. They will apply these contributions to specific content areas of American experience, seeking to develop a systematic method to explain and evaluate American culture.

In consultation with a member of the American Studies committee, each student will formulate an individual program of study, without reference to traditional departmental fields. The program thus offers the opportunity to investigate those features of American culture that match student interests. Special courses emphasizing research and critical thought, such as seminars and tutorials taught by participating faculty, will be provided to synthesize the work of each student in the major. Students completing the American Studies Program will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies and will be prepared for graduate study.


Committee on American Studies: Martin Burke (Carman Hall, Room 202B) and Earl Fendelman