Adult Degree Program

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies: Core courses

The four core courses, typically taken in the first year, give MALS students the building blocks they need to succeed in their electives and on the capstone or MA thesis. MLS 701 provides an introduction to thinking, researching, and writing across disciplines. MLS 702 provides a survey of different methodologies and theories used in the humanities, with a few specific examples of how these work in practice.  MLS 703 and 704 provide similar overviews of the social and natural sciences, respectively, including guest lectures by Lehman faculty members who work in these disciplines. The courses, with instructors and the most recent class syllabi, are listed below (click the instructor's name to access their Lehman faculty page). 

MLS 701  Introduction to the Liberal ArtsIntroduction to the Liberal Arts  Timothy Alborn

MLS 702  Arts and HumanitiesArts and Humanities  Claudia Case

MLS 703  Arts and HumanitiesArts and Humanities Elin Waring

MLS 704  The Natural SciencesThe Natural Sciences  Gillian Bayne