MA in Liberal Studies

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Success Stories

Jani with book

Jani Hale (graduated 2019)

When she applied to MALS in 2016, Jani had just finished her Sociology degree at Lehman and had previously worked in real estate and foster care. Since graduating, she has moved to North Carolina and now works as an administrative specialist at Duke University. Jani is also a published poet, whose book Distant Voices: A Collection of American Poetry, appeared in 2022.

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José Acevedo (graduated 2018)

Before starting MALS in 2016, José worked in higher education and had recently graduated from City College with a degree in international studies. While pursuing his master’s degree, he worked at Lehman in the Dean of Students Office and Student Life. He is now pursue a doctorate in educational leadership at the University of North Florida, with a focus on students' sense of belonging.

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Julissa Lora

Julissa Lora (graduated 2023)

When she started MALS, Julissa was working as sustainability coordinator at Brooklyn College, then transitioned into a new position at a nonprofit agency in the Bronx. Currently, she serves as project coordinator and agency liaison for an agency that provides social services and care to underserved communities around New York City.

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stephanie robinson

Stephanie Robinson (graduated 2022)

Right before she attended an information for the MALS program in 2020, Stephanie had just become a new mom. She had already earned a B.A degree in History, and was using that background to tutor independently. She’s now a History Ph.D. student at Fordham University and holds an Assistantship at The Bronx African-American History Project, where she shares responsibility for organizing, transcribing, and publicizing oral history archives that display the histories of Black and Afro-Latinx communities of The Bronx.

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Lloyd Beckford (graduated 2022)

Before Lloyd started the MALS program he had just finished his BA in Journalism, after serving for twenty years in the US Marine Corps. After some time off, he started working in finance with Primerica Financial Service Company and also became a life Insurance agent. He is currently using some of the skills he learned in the MALS program when teaching and training new agents.

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Stefanie Modena (graduated 2020)

Before starting the MALS program in 2017, Stefanie worked as a Retention Specialist at CUNY Prep and as an Adjunct Lecturer at Hostos Community College. After graduating, she ran pilot programs as part of CUNY’s retention, persistence and college success efforts. As a result of her ability to understand student issues in varying capacities, she was able to transition to a role at Montclair State, where she’s part of a pilot program in which Academic Success Coaches help students find ways to circumvent barriers while leveraging the resources available to them on campus. She also teaches the freshman seminar course designed to guide students through their first semester in college.

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