MA in Liberal Studies


Success Stories

Lloyd Beckford (graduated 2022)

Before Lloyd started the MALS program he had just finished his BA in Journalism, after serving for twenty years in the US Marine Corps. After some time off, he started working in finance with Primerica Financial Service Company and also became a life Insurance agent. He is currently using some of the skills he learned in the MALS program when teaching and training new agents.

MALS: What motivated you to apply for Lehman’s MA program in Liberal Studies?

Lloyd: I wanted to attain my Master's but a Master's in Journalism was not available so because I have a passion for teaching I thought that Liberal Studies would best fit for that, and it was.

MALS: Who has inspired you or helped make your journey at Lehman a success?
Lloyd: They are a few people who have inspired me greatly throughout my journey and made my Lehman experience a success. The director of the Office of Veterans and Military Affairs, Luis Soltero-Rodriguez, was an inspiration, a guide, and a great source with the success of my Capstone project. The director of the MALS program, Tim Alborn, got me into the program in record time, resulting in me being able to start my Master's on time and not having to wait an extra semester. David Fletcher played an intricate part in my capstone project—as my capstone advisor, he provided the leadership and guidance needed to make it a successful project.

MALS: Describe your capstone or thesis—how did it connect to your work/life outside of the program? 

Lloyd: My capstone project was "From Military Boots to College Books." It was done to highlight the challenges veterans are faced with during their transition process as they leave the military and into a life in a college environment.  My capstone project included interviews of military service members' experience, who transitioned from the military to college, and an interview of the director of the Office of Veterans and Military Affairs on his experience as the director of such a vital part of military veterans success at Lehman College.  

MALS: How has MALS helped you achieve your goals since graduating?
Lloyd: Since graduating I have been able to use some of the methods and interactive skills I learned in class to better connect and communicate with co-workers and clients alike. 

Since I am in a people business, I was able to better understand the nature of the people who I interact with on a daily basis by using what I learned in MALS.

MALS: What do you think other people should know about MALS and Lehman? 

Lloyd: I think that other people should know about the MALS program and Lehman College because it is a great environment for military veterans to study and receive the adequate resources needed to have a positive transition from the military and into college. I also think other people should know about the MALS program and Lehman College because it is a great academic environment, fostered by professors who would like nothing more than to see their students succeed and graduate.

MALS: What advice would you give to current or prospective MA students?

Lloyd: The advice I would give to current or prospective MA students is to utilize the advisor to aid you throughout your journey at Lehman. The professors have a wealth of knowledge, so don't be afraid to pick their brain and learn as much as your brain will obtain.   

MALS: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Lloyd: If you are a military veteran student who don’t want anyone to know that you are a veteran, I would strongly suggest you change your mind. I have been to other colleges and the Lehman Office of Veterans and Military Affairs is one that's there to aid, assist and guide you throughout your journey and beyond. Also please utilize the tutoring centers and for veterans who are disabled, check into the Lehman Disability Office so you can receive any accommodations that are due to you.