Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Lehman College –  Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)


The Lehman College Behavioral Intervention team is a group of experienced and dedicated professionals whose mission is to:

  • Provide a structured and positive method for addressing behaviors of concern that impact the Lehman College community.
  • Collect, connect, and assess “red flags” raised by a student’s problematic or help-seeking behaviors.
  • Formalize an individualized protocol for communication, coordination, and  intervention on a case by case basis.
  • Initiate appropriate intervention.
  • Implement and coordinate a follow-up plan so that services, support and resources are deployed effectively.

There are three key categories of behavior that are of utmost concern to the BIT:

  • Self-injurious behavior (i.e., suicidal ideation/attempt, cutting behavior, dangerous alcohol/substance consumption, etc.)
  • Disruptive behavior that violates campus community safety (i.e., homicidal threats, stalking, assault, email/Blackboard bullying, carrying weapons, etc.)
  • Unusual behavior (i.e., changes in personality, depressive symptoms, shifts in mood, unexplained irritability and/or lethargy, hopelessness, etc.)

Once an incident is reported to BIT, members of the Committee determine the appropriate steps to address the situation. This process is based on the severity of the concern, the ability of the person in question to engage in the resolution, and the situation.

Lehman College strives to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all students, faculty and staff. There are many ways in which we work to accomplish this so that all members of our college may feel productive while on our campus.

Team Members

  • Vice President of Student Affairs
    Shuster Hall # 204

  • Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, Chair
    Shuster Hall # 204

  • Director of Academic Student Support Programs
    Shuster Hall # 204

  • Director of Compliance and Operations
    Shuster Hall # 204

  • Director of Public Safety
    Apex # 109

  • Director of Student Counseling
    Old Gym # 114
  • Director, Academic Advisement
    Shuster Hall # 280

  • Deputy Director, Graduate Studies
    Shuster Hall # 279

  • Associate Director of Financial Aid Systems
    Shuster Hall # 136

*Others consulted as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking the step to express a concern about someone can evoke mixed feelings. Following are a few questions to explore as you consider your options.

What is the Lehman College BIT?

The Lehman Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a collaborative committee of Lehman College professionals that meets regularly to discuss the behavior of individuals about whom reports are received. The Lehman College BIT then determines if any intervention is needed, and monitors the intervention.

Why a Lehman College BIT?

Faculty, staff, and friends are often among the first to notice when another member of the Lehman College community is overly stressed or behaving in a dangerous or disruptive manner. Disruption of academic progress, personal relationships, and daily behavior may be signs that a person is in distress. In order to maintain safety and order on campus, the Lehman College BIT identifies, responds, and ensures appropriate intervention when individual behavior causes concern to other members of the campus community.

What should you report?

Taking the step to express a concern about someone can evoke mixed feelings. Anything that appears to be a worrisome concern (i.e. erratic or disruptive behavior, drug and/or alcohol abuse, disturbing writings, etc.) might prompt you to make a report. Contact a member of the Lehman College BIT to discuss the best course of action if you are not sure what to do or if you are trying to determine if a report to the BIT is warranted.

How do I report?

To report a concern to the Lehman College BIT, please complete the Filing a Concern with the BIT form. The form will require a narrative of the behavior of concern you have witnessed. The Lehman College BIT members can be contacted personally if you wish to discuss your concern prior to submitting a report to the BIT.

Will I be contacted if I submit a concern?

The Lehman College BIT may contact you if additional information is needed.

What happens when a report is made?

Once the Lehman College BIT receives a report, the team will discuss the concern.The BIT then creates a plan to monitor and/or intervene with the person of concern, and designates a contact person to implement the plan. At each BIT meeting, updates are given about each case.

How do I report a concern after standard business hours?

If something happens during non-business hours submit your concern via the online form or email a BIT member.



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