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Project Staff

Janet Butler Munch

  • Project Director & Special Collections Librarian

Jerold Barnard

  • Sound Consultant

John Figueroa

  • Scanning Associate

Tabitha Kirin

  • Oral Historian and Sound Editor

Yi Sheng

  • Technical Consultant & Web Designer

David Stevens

  • Webmaster

John DeLooper

  • 2020 Redesign and Content Migration

Additional Thanks

We also recognize the ongoing support of Leonard Lief Library staff members Raymond Diaz and Wayne Halliday who helped with software and hardware installation, and resolution of computer glitches. Galina Letnikova and manager of web services, David Stevens, for uploading the website. Finally, we thank Kenneth Schlesinger, chief librarian, and Jason Kucsma, emerging technologies manager at METRO, for all of their help on this project.