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Values Statement

Social Justice

We accomplish this by:

Helping students develop critical thinking needed to question assumptions, identify problems, and find information for the purpose of investigating issues in academic, personal, and social contexts

Developing robust collections reflecting the Bronx’s diverse communities, which can be accessed by scholars to advance positive social change in action and research

Developing, identifying, and promoting Open Educational Practices



We accomplish this by:

Promoting and supporting ethical and engaged research and the concurrent values of academic freedom and respectful discourse reflecting the progressive spirit of the College’s namesake, Herbert H. Lehman

Demonstrating respect for privacy and patrons’ needs by disseminating transparent guidelines on use of data

Being intentional about the environment by modeling economic and environmental sustainability in efficient management and equitable distribution of resources and services, involving multiple stakeholders in decision-making

Implementing best practices related to openness and accessibility

Diversity and Inclusion

We accomplish this by:

Providing responsive, inclusive, and equitable library services, collections, and programming that reflect and recognize the rich diversity of students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding Bronx community

Respecting diverse viewpoints in community members and library collections

Being responsive to the information, research, and pedagogical needs of diverse learners


We accomplish this by:

Sharing library faculty and staff expertise through leadership in the profession

Producing and facilitating public programs, exhibits, and book discussions

Providing space for the campus community for collaboration, group study, and access to computing and specialized assistive technology

Serving as a resource for Lehman College and the Bronx to develop new knowledge for and about our community


We accomplish this by:

Providing a welcoming, user-friendly environment nurturing a sense of belonging and inclusion, enhancing research, instruction, discovery, and lifelong learning

Delivering curricular and research support through evolving and relevant collections and innovative digital technologies onsite and in a 24/7 virtual environment

Proactively assessing strengths and limitations of library services

Seeking collaboration with partners and responding to needs of the campus community navigating an increasingly complex globalized society

Promoting professional development and training opportunities to augment library faculty and staff knowledge and contributions to the profession