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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

Katrina Yardbrough, Medical Biller & Coder

Katrina Yardbrough Medical Biller and Coder GraduateKatrina Yardbrough researched Medical Billing and Coding programs for months before she decided that Lehman College would be her best option to advance her career. After discovering programs through other colleges were not affordable, she applied for and received an ASSET Scholarship. In her own words, “I applied, wrote up my statement, and I got it. That scholarship was an incredible help to me. I wrote from my heart, I got personal, and I think that’s why I got it.” With Lehman’s support, she was able to get her AAPC certification, the number one name in the industry. With her new certification, she was empowered to take control of her healthcare career. Now, she works for a nonprofit that provides services for intellectually and developmentally challenged individuals. Her family provided the inspiration to return to school in pursuit of a certificate. “I wanted to show my girls that no matter how many setbacks you’ve had, you must educate yourself. As a teenage parent who dropped out of high school and got my GED, through taking multiple continuing education courses I was able to show them that you can always strive for more.” Now, Katrina is finishing her AAPC Medical Coding credential. With her current income and list of accomplishments, she no longer feels intimidated that she doesn’t have a college degree. “I knew what I wanted to accomplish going into the program, and all I needed to do was apply myself.”