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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

International Students

International Students (F-1 student visa status only)

The Lehman College ESL Program is legally authorized to enroll non-immigrant alien students. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, there are unique regulatory considerations. If you have already established and currently maintain F-1 visa status, our team will be happy to discuss the transfer process with you and help you determine the best program start date based on your situation, and modality of attendance to maintain your status.

If you are outside the USA or intend to apply for a change of status, we will be able to offer an I-20 for students prepared to attend class in person at our Bronx campuses.

To apply for an I-20 to attend the Intensive English Program on an F-1 visa, you will need to complete the ESL Application 2024 and send it to Brenda Perez, and Be sure to include your email address. There is a $100 dollar (U.S.), non-refundable, application fee that must be submitted with the application. You may pay this fee online here. Once the application fee and completed application are received, you will receive your I-20 and acceptance letter. To maintain F-1 status, students enroll in both the AM and PM portions of the Intensive English Program to fulfill the 18 hours of coursework per week full-time study requirement.

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