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Honorary Members
of the Bertrand Russell Society

Sir Alfred Ayer (deceased)
Noam Chomsky
Ken Coates
Peter Cranford (deceased)
Lester Denonn (deceased)
Elizabeth R. Eames
Paul Edwards
Antony Flew
Michael Foot
Paul Kurtz
Nelson Mandela
Taslima Nasrin
Linus Pauling (deceased)
David F. Pears
Karl Popper (deceased)
Willard Van Quine (deceased)
Conrad Russell
Dora Russell (deceased)
John Russell (deceased)
Paul A. Schilpp (deceased)
Katharine Russell Tait
Ibn Warraq

Each honorary member meets at least one of the following criteria: 1. is a member of BR's family; 2. had worked closely with BR in an important way; 3. has made a distinctive contribution to BR scholarship; 4. has acted in support of a cause or idea that BR championed; 5. has promoted awareness of BR or of BR's work; 6. has exhibited qualities of character (such as moral courage) reminiscent of BR.