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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

Instructions how to enter Grades and Attendance in Campus CE

Welcome to a new semester!

Attendance must be kept weekly. Final attendance and grades are due 3 business days after the class ends. If someone is not listed on your roster, notify ASAP; cannot attend without registration/receipt proof.*

If you have any questions or issues entering grades/attendance please contact:

Please access your rosters and enter attendance and grades online as follows:


1. Click on the link below and login in Campus CE

2. Click "My Settings" (located upper left corner of the screen)

3. Select "My Profile" (should be able to see your contact info- in middle of the screen)

4. Click on "Reports" Tab located on top of your contact info - you will see other tabs such as schedule, holiday, calendar, etc.

5. In Reports, you will find all of the courses assigned to you- click on edit - to add or edit grades/attendance or view /print rosters.

6. Select the course and click "edit" under "Grades" column.

7. Then select grades (see below options) for each student by clicking the drop-down arrow.

8. Lastly, when you are finished click save.

9. For grades you can enter any grade that applies to your class:

Adult Grades: A+ = 97-100; A = 93-96; A- = 90-92; B+ = 85-89; B = 80-84; B- = 77-79; C+ = 74-76; C = 70-73; C- = 66-69; F = Failure/65 and below for most courses except Real Estate; INC = Incomplete work needs to be submitted within 2 weeks following class end date or grade becomes F; W = Withdrawal; N/A = Never Attended

Adult Personal Enrichment and Adult Workshops: P = Pass; W = Withdrawal; R = Repeat course for swimming courses only; N/A = Never Attended. Children/Teen Grades: E = Excellent Progress; G = Good Progress; M = Minimal Progress; W = Withdrawal; R = Repeat course for swimming courses only; N/A = Never Attended.

10. Please note that if a student stops attending after the first class and their name still appears on the roster, enter a W withdrawal grade unless the student has missed less than 20% of classes and can make up the grade, therefore give them an INC

*Much more information is available online at FACULTY RESOURCE page: