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Teachers - To access CUNY Zoom Account

Signing into the new CUNY Zoom Enterprise Account

1. You need your EMPLID to claim your CUNYfirst account at

2. Once you claim their account, you will have a CUNYfirst username which is your firstname.lastname ##(the last two numbers of their EMPLID).

3. Log-in to Zoom with your CUNYfirst username and password at (see screenshot below). Select Sign in button and you will be directed to the familiar CUNY page to enter your CUNY credentials. When you log-in to Zoom, you will be able to customize your personal link, etc.

Once you have claimed your New CUNY Zoom Account, please follow these steps to access it:

You can start using your CUNY Pro License anytime by going to and click on the sign in button. Keep in mind your username and password are your CUNYfirst credentials These licenses are unlimited and support up to 300 participants per meeting; whiteboard, breakout rooms, cloud recording (use with consent), among others are enabled in these accounts.

We also recommend downloading and using the Zoom app as it is faster and easier to manage your meetings. To sign in with the app, please click on the "Sign in with SSO" button as described below. If you have any other instances of Zoom running they must first be logged out in order for a successful sign in to our CUNY environment.

How to sign-in to my CUNY License with the Zoom App?

If you are using the app you can login by clicking/tapping "Sign in using SSO". In the event an account has already been previously used or entered click on the avatar icon on the "top right" and select "Switch Account" or "Log Out". On the following window then be sure to:

Step 1

Step 2 - Type CUNY under "Your company domain" 

Step 3 - Enter your CUNY iD credentials following this format

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