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The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly is the official organ of the Bertrand Russell Society. It publishes Society News and Proceedings, essays and discussions on all aspects of Bertrand Russell's life and works, and reviews of recent work on Russell.

In addition, the Quarterly more generally aims to publish articles on the history of early analytic philosophy and the public intellectual sphere in which Russell also acted. Scholarly articles appearing in the Quarterly are peer-reviewed.

The contents of each issue of the BRS Quarterly is posted at this website. Replies by readers of the Quarterly may be posted at this site as well. If you are interested in replying to one of the Quarterly's articles or notes, please submit it to the Quarterly Editorial Office.

The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly is published by the Bertrand Russell Society, with support from Lehman College-City University of New York.

The Quarterly appears in February, May, August, and November.

ISSN: 1547-0334